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Combining the best attributes of boutique recruiting practices and large search firms allows us to engage with 99% of the executives you’d like to hire, unrestricted by conventional ‘hands-off’ agreements.

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World’s most unique and successful executive recruiting firm as recognized by
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Industry 4.0… It’s About Who – Not How Many

Perry-Martel fuses strategy, values, and behavioral science with ‘guerrilla marketing tactics‘ to deliver what others say cannot be done, through a uniquely open, honest, and transparent process. (more…)

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Why Clients Love Us…

“I know firsthand what happens when you hire the wrong person for a crucial position. It disrupts the entire performance of my team and slows us down considerably.. ‘Hiring Greatness’ is a step-by-step guide to making sure you get the absolute right person in those KEY spots!”

“Hire your replacement”. As a CEO, this is the message I share with all my executives. Finding, attracting, and closing the deal with exceptional talent is tough work. ‘Hiring Greatness’ walks you through it clearly and concisely. This should be read and on every executive’s book shelf and referenced often.”

“David Perry is a world-class executive recruiter. He is a brilliant man, dedicated to his profession and to the success of his clients. He understands leadership and he is able to use this understanding to separate the wheat from the chaff.”

Ron Wiens , Principal

“One of the things that David does that other recruiters just don’t, is actually listens to your requirements as an employer – who you’re looking for, what the qualities and qualifications are. He tries to quantify and understand the ideal candidate.  Most recruiters don’t do that. They take a bunch of notes, promise you they’ve got lots of people in their database that fit the description and then deluge you with resumes of candidates that don’t fit the bill.”

Rudy Richman, Protus

“David Perry has raised the bar on how executive search should be carried out – responsive, decisive and relentless in aiding CATA Alliance companies to make a quantum leap in building their leadership teams.”

“David breaks the mold. You tell him what you need, he assesses your business, then shows you the actual profile of the person you need to align with your objectives. If I simply wanted to find a warm body, I wouldn’t waste David’s time. He understands the process, the objectives, and that I’m paying him for his business acumen as well as for his dynamic skills. David had published many books. He is an incredible advisor and trusted business partner.”

Darryl Praill, VanillaSoft

“David completely redefines what your expectations of a recruiter should be. He helped me assess the skills I needed, coordinated the hiring plan cross functionally and finally presented outstanding candidates that accelerated my plans and reduced my hiring needs from 7 down to 4. Those new candidates then helped me accomplish in 18 months what was scheduled to be done in 36. If you are looking for talent management for your organization – you should begin with David.”

Allan Zander, LinkedIn Profile

Guaranteed Success:  1-Year Warranty

Perry-Martel is a full service, retained executive search firm focused on recruiting C-Suite Leadership for an Industry 4.0 World.  We have completed projects on five continents with a near perfect track record, negotiating more than $380 million dollars in deals.

We work on individual executive search assignments and team building projects.   We are well known by the best executives and individual key contributors in industry.  We guarantee Extraordinary Executive Search.

We assume complete responsibility and accountability for the development and management of a recruiting strategy designed to attract individuals whose contributions will be immediate and not diminish over the long term.  Working closely with you, we put together position profiles that fit your business culture and leadership model, remaining sensitive to changing workplace and workforce issues and to evolving styles.

We turn to cadre of library and market researchers and to our own bleeding-edge information services and database resources for direct sourcing of world-class candidates. We will then mount an exhaustive 1:1 marketing campaign delivering your opportunity straight to the targeted C-Suite executives.

Following a successful series of interviews where you select your ideal candidate we will also handle all the financial negotiations, putting ourselves in your shoes and representing your organization as though we were you. We’re attuned to industry trends, those of your marketplace and of your competitors.  

The net result? Successful Hires.  Long-view hires.  People who will set your company apart.  People who will help you soar.

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