One-Year Guarantee

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We believe that the “full retainer – no contingency” fee system of many executive search firms does not provide the proper incentive to the search firm to effectively execute the task.

We believe that the “no retainer – full contingency” fee system of employment agencies seldom results in a quality search, because assignment turnover and not client service, becomes the firm’s principle concern.

A 99.54% Success Rate

Perry-Martel’s system captures the best features of traditional systems along with encouraging your involvement in the process, resulting in a more successful project. It’s this openness and transparency of our methodology that enables us to offer our clients a One-Year Guarantee.

Since founding Perry-Martel International Inc. in 1988, we’ve only replaced three candidates. This level of rigor in the referencing and evaluation process has resulted in a 99.54% success rate in an industry where a 30% success rate is the norm.

Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition, will detail our step-by-step methodology.  Look for Hiring Greatness in business book stores across North America and Europe..