Centuries of Experience

Decades of Results

Founded in 1988 by David Perry and Anita Martel, Perry-Martel International is an Ottawa based boutique international executive search and management consulting firm. “We started out as clients of recruiting agencies, but were disappointed with their lack of results and accountability. We decided to do it better.” Perry-Martel’s approach pairs our partners search experience with a team of dedicated researchers helping us consistently punch above our weight class.

Over 1400 Projects Completed

The Partners [in life too]

Senior Partner

Anita Martel

Anita Martel is a senior partner at Perry-Martel International Inc. and a performance consultant in Emotional Intelligence. She is also a partner in Guerrilla Job Search International and is a member of the team of professional recruiters that put together the Guerrilla Job Search System of products and services using leading edge job search techniques.  

Through her +35-year career Anita has focused on program development and management, education and counseling within the human resources, academic and addictions fields.  Anita is an international speaker on executive recruiting and job search techniques. She is the author of the Absolute Job Search Guide, a contributing author for all three editions of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters (WILEY 2005, 2009, 2011), co-author of Don’t Hire a Liar (PMI 2003) and Beyond Great: Hiring the Best Leaders (PMI 2001). 

Anita graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology & Women’s Studies, was a Commissioned Officer holding the rank of Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, is a Registered Guild Recruiter and member of the Canadian Advance Technology Alliance.

managing Partner

David Perry

As managing partner for Perry-Martel International, David has billed more than 60,000 hours during 30+ years of executive search projects which have totaled more than $380M in salary. Not afraid to get his hands ‘dirty’, or make his own rules, he was eventually nicknamed “The Rogue Recruiter”  by the Wall Street Journal for his unusual but effective tactics. A few years ago he was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for exemplary community service. 

David parlayed that ability into a business with a 99.54% success rate, and a 100% guarantee; if things don’t work out, he replaces the candidate at his own cost. He understood at an early age that people are at their happiest and most effective when they feel valued, and that a recruiter can get anyone there by playing to their strengths. It’s a philosophy that’s at the core of his business, and one that has inspired several books along the way.

David is the author of seven books including: Hiring Greatness (Wiley, 2016), Executive Recruiting for Dummies (Wiley, 2017) and Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 (Wiley, 2011). On his lunch breaks you can find him writing at the local Chapter’s Starbucks on Ottawa’s Rideau Street, enjoying what he’s cheekily dubbed the “Canadiano”. He recently finished off the final chapters of his latest book, Executive Recruiting for Dummies, delivered a TEDx and Keynoted the Great People Inside Conference in Romania.

More on recruiting, recruiters and building a career that lasts can be discovered through his videos and tutorials online or this site.

The Research Team



Peter was a research librarian for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms  whom we liberated to work with us and leverage his little black book to finance his golden years. As such, he has ears and contacts in every major technology company around the globe.



As board director for one of America’s largest engineering firms, Lynda continues to leave her mark on the skyline while providing us with even more incredible business intelligence. If you build it, she will come.  

Commercial/Residential Real Estate


Starting out as a broker, Romain is a Director of Acquisitions with at one of the U.S’ largest real-estate developers. He’s been involved in projects across the globe, from New York to Shenzhen.  



Livia is the newest member of the research team and our resident purple squirrel. Livia is an inside sales expert with a background in SAAS and Telecommunications. Oh and industrial engineering. Oh and commercial real-estate. Oh and IoT. Like we said, purple squirrel.  



With over 20 years of experience as a marketing executive under his belt Thomas has worked with nearly every major marketing firm in North America. If it’s flashy, eye catching and trying to sell you something, chances are Thomas has worked with the company that made it. 


Chris and Chris

Start-ups are tricky, and require more eyes than other projects. So we got more eyes. Chris(tine) and Chris(topher) are both former founders with successful exits under their belts. From supply chain to marketing, Chris & Chris know exactly who start-ups need at exactly the right time to succeed.