Perry-Martel’s executive search activities focus on helping our clients increase shareholder value.  Whether the desired outcome of the search is hiring an executive to attract new business, bring new products and services to market, or expand their footprint internationally – it all hinges on building ‘share of wallet’ in an increasingly complex and competitive world.

Shareholder ValueEvery client is critical to us. In fact, we want you to feel like you’re our only client and very well taken care of. We do not have any “associates” or junior staff working for the firm. Our staff consists of only senior professionals who’ll work directly on your search from start to finish.   One point of contact managing the complete team.

A Tailored Approach

The “one-size fits all” strategy of most search and recruiting firms simply doesn’t work.  We approach each and every search on a unique basis.  The strategy for each project differs depending on the size of the company, the industry, and a variety of other criteria which need to be identified from the onset.

The single common denominator in all of our searches, regardless of industry, has been the need to find individuals with a proven ability to increase shareholder value.  Here are samples of the outcomes delivered by candidates we recruited:

  • Ignited 700% growth and ever increasing earnings, drove stock from $3.90 to a peak of $68
  • Grew sales from $8M to $77M in 6 years with 29%+ EBITDA, exit with 3x multiple
  • Took last place company to 1st AND an exit in less than 14 months
  • Sales jumped 497% in 1st 15 months, delivered >30% CAGR year over year for 5 years
  • Resuscitated company with a share price of $0.69 to a high of $7.10 and was acquired

Bottom-line on Shareholder Value

Given the current recession, the marketplace for experienced executives is more competitive than ever. Organizations are proactively cloaking and ‘incenting’ their best people to stay. Fortunately, with 29 years in the business we are already aware of many of the candidates you will want to speak to across North America.

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