David Perry

My name is Dave Perry, and I’m passionate about my craft. I believe in high technology, and I serve its needs devotedly, for a very personal reason. I literally would not be here today if it weren’t for high technology. Perhaps you have heard a similar story:

David Perry 2013When I was born, it was discovered that I had a hole in my heart. Thanks to breakthroughs in medical procedures and materials sciences — discoveries that had only been made a few years earlier — my life was saved – as was my newborn daughter’s just a few years ago because of newer breakthroughs.

I still have a Teflon valve in my heart, and each day is a confirmation of the meaning of high technology. So to me, your high-tech business is a personal crusade.

I know that recruiting the top people in the world is getting harder and harder. The excellent people that I demand for clients like yourself are already gainfully employed. I will work intensively with you. To pinpoint the value that you seek. Then, it takes real talent, tenacity and dogged determination to find and contact these people. It takes an extraordinary message to get them to pay attention to your career offering. To lure them away takes real skill.

A typical highly-sought candidate that I placed early on in my career took 83 phone calls to connect. Most search firms would have quit after a few weeks. I called and called for months, re-packaging our Client’s “pitch” until I struck a chord and brought him to the table (even though we were in final negotiations with another candidate).  The Candidate said it was my passionate belief in my Client that convinced him to first talk to us. From there we managed the relationship to its rightful conclusion. That new President increased the stock value 1384%.

I owe my clients the best that effort can provide. And I make that effort. As does all our staff. Perry-Martel International has more than two decades of successful experience and a long list of satisfied clients to back up our statements. Please call me, and we’ll discuss your requirements. Call 613-236-6995 or for more information please e-mail me at: dperry@perrymartel.com


Official BIO

A well-known name in executive search circles, David has personally closed more than 1000+ searches with a 99.7% success rate, and negotiated in excess of $200M in salaries. His creative recruiting principles lead to him being nicknamed the Rogue Recruiter’ by The Wall Street Journal.

Prior to founding Perry-Martel, David spent two years with a national search firm headquartered in Montreal CANADA, where he conducted C-level searches for real-estate and construction firms in Canada, the United States, England and China.  Tier 1 companies like Ellis-Don, Canderel, Campeau, Citicom, DevCom, Cadillac Fairview, O&Y and O.M.E.R.S. Realty retained him yearly.  Before joining the executive search industry David held several positions in the retail and banking industries.

Launching Perry-Martel International in 1988 with partner Anita Martel, the pair pounced on the opportunity to expand their brand of no-excuse delivery to include technology companies.  Throughout his executive search industry career, David has had the opportunity to recruit individual key contributors as well as structure full boards for pre-IPO companies, spinoffs and divestitures.

David has also conducted cross border recruitment of C-level executives and VP’s of Sales for major Canadian, American, European, and Asia Pacific companies.  As an example, he was hired to recruit the VP Sales for the company chosen as “America’s Most Innovative Company for 2010” – Equipois Inc. in Los Angeles California. Many of the executive teams David’s assembled have lead successful exits and IPOs and many more companies are leaders in their respective domains.

David is past Vice Chair of the Canadian Technology Human Resources Board, and former board member of the Software Human Resource Council.  David is frequently quoted on trends and issues regarding executive search, recruiting and human resources in leading business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Operations World, Canadian Business, Venture Wire, Computer World, EETimes, NetWork World, HR Today, as well as the Ottawa Citizen and appears regularly as an executive search, labor market analyst and job search author for CBC News World.

David is the author/coauthor of six books including the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters series, and has written on leadership, executive recruiting and job search, for The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Chicago Sun Times and Globe & Mail.  David’s 7th book: Lead – Dominate – Prosper, is due out in 2015.  Active in his local community, David personally funded the stat-up costs for the Western Quebec Education Foundation, to build English speaking schools in Quebec from the proceeds of his first book.

David holds a BA in Economics and Industrial Relations from McGill University. He is a commissioned Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves where he was awarded the Sword of Honor as the top officer candidate in his year. David is a recipient of the Top Forty Under 40 Award and was presented withe the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013.  He resides in Ottawa with his wife and business partner Anita Martel and four adult children.  David recruits globally.


Anita Martel

Anita MartelAnita Martel is a partner in Perry-Martel International, one of North America’s top executive search, recruiting and placement firms.  Through her 20 year career she has focused on program development and management as well as education and counseling, within the academic, human resource, and addiction fields.  Anita is now using those skills to deliver leadership development programs and individual career coaching within workshop, vocational education and one-on-one settings.

A performance consultant in Emotional Intelligence Anita is a Certified BarOn EQ-I administrator devoted to helping leaders, individuals and teams increase their effectiveness and attain their full potential by assisting and coaching them in the transformation of their thinking.  In turn this increases their effectiveness, helps improve their performance and generates strategic and informed actions that will bring about the sought after results and impact bottom line results.

Anita graduated McGill University with a BA in Psychology. She is a Commissioned Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve and active member of the CATA Alliance. Anita is fluently bilingual, a mother of four and lives in Ottawa CANADA.