We understand both the art and science of executive search… that it is simultaneously an assessment and a ‘sales exercise’. We have a process that is explicit, transparent, timed, and sensitive to your specific needs – expressed and subtle.

We will reach deeply into your industry and speak to anyone who we feel fits your needs personally, irrespective of their current ‘availability’.

david perry anita martel HR Revolution

Anita Martel and David Perry presenting on how to best recruit Industry 4.0 Leaders at the HR Revolution Conference in Brasov Romania

Our mission is to bring your opportunity to their attention, engage them in conversation and assess their fit.  Only then  will we consider inviting them to have a deeper more meaningful conversation about their future and your opportunity.

Our methodology is intense AND effective

As a boutique executive search and consulting firm with a finite client base, we DO NOT have extensive “hands-off” restrictions which legally and morally prevent larger firms from approaching the majority of potential candidates.   So size matters.  In this case ‘less’ is ‘more’ and to your very real benefit.  For example the “hands-off restrictions” of the 3 largest executive search firms number more than 50,000 companies – yearly! Perry-Martel search engagements are global and cover advanced technology, manufacturing and real-estate.

Immediate impact

Our executive search selections become contributors quickly, partly because they are the correct fit to begin with and partially because of our on-boarding strategy. The vast majority of our hires have long tenures. The longest tenured candidate, as of October 2017, is a Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, recruited in 1993 for a construction company in London.  Previously the longest tenure was that of a Chief Financial Officer recruited in 1988 to head a multi-billion dollar pension fund. He retired in 2007. Realizing this type of tenure requires understanding ‘fit’ thoroughly and is a byproduct of a rigorous process.

Clients will tell you that Perry-Martel’s executive search process is creative, dedicated, client-focused and seamless.   Many will admit they were initially attracted by our full 1-Year Guarantee, but that they never considered collecting on it – the fit is that good. While it’s reassuring to have a guarantee your project will be executed again if necessary – you’ll probably agree that it’s better to have a partner with ‘skin in the game’ to ensure it’s executed correctly the first time.