Mergers, buyouts and takeovers are changing the face of business in Chicago and the nation — and in the CEO suite as well.  Those changes prompted some summer fantasies recruiter, and you get a phone call from a CEO who says he or she is ready to make a job change, and could you find a new position for him or her? Whose credentials are so strong that any corporation would love to hire him or her in a heartbeat? We contacted several local recruiters — ranging from huge to small — and all begged off, each one indicating that a list of only five fantasy recruits would leave many CEOs miffed, and no recruiter needs miffed potential clients.

So we looked north, and recruited David Perry, managing director of Perry-Martel International of Canada (www.perrymartel.com), and one of North America’s top executive search, recruiting and placement firms, and coauthor of the best-seller Guerrilla Marketing for Job-hunters: 400 Unconventional Tips, Tricks and Tactics to Land Your Dream Job. He agreed to take the assignment, provided he could add a No. 6 to the fantasy recruits —an executive he says is so unique, she may redefine the title chief executive officer.

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