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In the old days (10 years ago), a talent search was like a two-dimensional board game. It allowed a company a leisured amount of time to send out requests for resumes, which could then be judged along a price/performance set of axis. It allowed for a precise, two dimensional grid, and a search process so structured and simple that judgments could be handled by a corporate H.R. Department’s less skilled staff.

“The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Now, the world moves in three dimensions, at a speed more resembling a video game. It’s Zap or get Zapped, in a real time. In such a fast-paced dogfight, you need to define your missions very carefully: no wasted energy, no blurred vision. The right people are even more important to find than ever before.

You need a team of people who think in three dimensions; nothing else will do.

You need a recruiter who will be your success partner, who can think in terms of a fast-action, complex world.

Perry-Martel’s methodology is based on a “value grid”. The grid identifies the value that a candidate can bring to your company, and then matches the candidate’s value-systems to your own requirements, to ensure a perfect fit.

We apply, in fact, three measures or axis to deliver a successful skill-set to your company. There are three dimensions of human value that work as a framework, whether you’re hiring or being hired.

The three dimensions to recruit talent, by assessing the value of an individual’s contribution are:

1. Height of ValueKnow what value contribution your company needs — what’s important.  How do you evaluate the worth of someone’s contribution; this is often confused with salary levels
2. Sight of ValueFind what’s important.  Where can you find exactly those important values, and proactively reach in and get a particular person
3. Flight of ValueGet what’s important.  How can you attract that talent to land in your company