Executive Search Case studies

We're not afraid to do things differently.

In the world of executive search, relying on the same old tired tactics doesn’t work.  One reason we’re committed to showing clients there is a better way.

Executive recruiting should be more than just a transaction. It should be a partnership, where we work together to attract the best possible talent for your organization. 

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Success Stories: Hiring the Best Executives with Perry-Martel

At Perry-Martel, we don’t just help our clients find great executives. We actively partner with them throughout the entire recruitment process, working together to ensure that we find the best possible talent for their organizations.
From day one, we’ve been committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients. That’s why we make it a point to gather feedback after every assignment, so we can continuously improve and innovate to meet their evolving needs.
Through listening to the CEOs and executives who hire us, we’ve come to understand that they deserve more than just a standard recruitment model. That’s why we’ve developed an Inside-Out Approach that emphasizes transparency, collaboration, and informed decision-making.
After more than three decades in the industry, we’re still dedicated to improving our services and providing our clients with the best possible experience. At Perry-Martel, we believe that our clients’ success is our success, and we’ll continue to work with them to ensure that they get the results they need to thrive.
Case Studies 1
Case Studies 3
Construction recruiting - Executive Search Managing Director Case Study
Construction Recruiter Case-Study
CFO + VP Sales + VP Marketing Executive-Search-Case-Study
Construction Director of Public Relations & Marketing Executive Search
Real Estate Chief Financial Officer Case Study
Technology Chief Revenue Office Case Study
Technology Vice President of Research & Development Case Study
Technology Chief Executive Officer Case Study
Construction / Real Estate Chief Financial Officer Case Study
Construction / Real Estate Vice-President of International Business Development Case Study
Construction / Real Estate Chief People Officer Case Study
Construction Chief Executive Officer Case Study Great Lakes
SAAS Chief Technology Officer Case Study Simware
SAAS Chief Executive Officer Case Study DataKinetics
Manufacturing Vice President of Sales Case Study & Case Interview Equipois
Case Studies 5
Telecom Vice President of Marketing Case Study & Case Interview CML
Manufacturing Chief Operating Officer Case Study and Case Interview TRM

Every ‘Student’ of the American Revolutionary War will remember reading about Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. Von Steuben was the military leader recruited by General George Washington to serve as the drillmaster of the Continental Army. Incredibly, von Steuben turned a rag-tag collection of farmers and stable boys into the officer corps which led the Americans to victory.  

“OK,” you’re thinking. But what does that have to do with executive recruiting?”

Simple. General Washington’s forces faced a well-trained army of British conscripts and Hessian mercenaries. If Washington was to level the playing field, he’d need to recruit a skilled outsider who knew the enemy and what it would take to defeat them—namely, Baron Von Steuben.

Washington knew he couldn’t achieve victory with second-rate people—and neither can you.  Today, it’s companies, not countries, which are battlefield rivals.  If you’re going to win, only the Best can lead the charge.  Locating and ‘enlisting’ the best executive talent is what executive recruiting is all about. 

The case studies above demonstrate that achieving your vision requires a carefully crafted plan, be expertly executed to ensure your ‘victory’.  That’s what we do at Perry-Martel.