Executive search kickoff meeting


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Kickoff Meetings Keep Everyone On Task To parcel out all the pieces of your executive hiring project, it helps to host a recruitment kickoff meeting with everyone involved — the hiring manager, search chair, search committee, and staff. This meeting will help you to align your people, processes,



HOW TO INTERVIEW YOUR SHORT LIST OF EXECUTIVE CANDIDATES You’ve built a list of potential executive hires. You’ve pared it down. All that remains is a select few finalists — no more than ten, tops. During this phase, you’ll interview each of these remaining candidates to whittle down

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WRITING THE JOB ORDER A job order is a written record of an employer’s need to fill a vacant position with a qualified worker. You write a job order at the outset of the search to clearly identify what the position is and what type of person should fill it.

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SEARCHING ON LINKEDIN WHEN RECRUITING EXECUTIVES Your first search stop when recruiting executives — especially for a C-suite hire — is LinkedIn, a social network for professionals that boasts more than 480 million professional profiles, with more posted every second. Why LinkedIn? Simple. Unlike other social media sites

Executive Recruiting for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for ‘Rock Star’ Recruiting

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Rock Star Recruiting: Only For Organizations That Want to Do it Correctly the First Time Executive Recruiting Cheat Sheet This cheat sheet is must know information if you want to be a Rock Star Recruiter and consistently hire Tier-1 Executive Talent no matter the market.   Hiring a new

Hiring the Absolute Best

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National Public Radio - Business Report Hiring the Absolute Best: Every business needs a dream team, and according to executive recruiter David Perry, the secret to hiring the best talent is just knowing where to look.   That's the name of the new Business Review podcast with executive recruiter David Perry!

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Precision Recruiting

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Streamline Your Recruiting: How to use a Confidential Candidate Brief Instead of a resume, use a confidential candidate brief (CCB) to quickly and unobtrusively obtain an accurate picture of a prospect’s qualifications. Indeed, the CCB essentially acts as the first interview — only better. With the CCB,

Talent Gap Widdens: Hiring Greatness perry-martel

Talent Gap Widening

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Why is Recruiting Executives Getting Harder? In the early 1800s, our forebears witnessed the beginning of a colossal economic transformation with the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Within a single generation, old city neighborhoods and rich farmlands were cleared out to make way for the construction of steel

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The Importance of High Quality Candidate Research

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Candidate Research I cannot overemphasize enough, the benefits of high quality candidate research on the quality outcome of the executive recruiting process.  Yes, candidate research is often laborious — even tedious. But it’s through research — and only through research — that you can tightly target your next prospective

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Performance and the Rise of Mediocrity in America

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Performance is a problem in America today - let me tell you why. Do you have kids? If you do—heck, even if you don’t—you’ve probably noticed the ubiquity of “participation awards.” These are the trophies and ribbons handed out to children who play sports, take part in academic contests,

Executive Search and Recruiting Terms

Glossary of Executive Search and Recruiting Terms


This glossary of executive search and recruiting terms was created over a two year period when Mark Haluska and myself, David Perry, wrote Executive Recruiting for Dummies. Executive search and recruiting terminology can be confusing, the glossary is designed to provide readers with concrete definitions of the common terms used in all

Dark Matter - addition to Executive Recruiting for Dummies

“Pitch Anything” an interview with Oren Klaff


Dark Matter... This interview on Dark Matter, with Oren Klaff the outspoken author of ‘Pitch Anything’, should be read by every recruiter and all hiring managers  - especially those inside startups.  The 'war for talent' will continue for decades and falling behind is not an option if you want to compete successfully on

Touched by Greatness

All In: Touched by Greatness


There is a very simple reason why I believe in the power of greatness. It’s because I was touched by greatness firsthand. It saved—and changed—my life on April 13th, 1971… The urgent rhythm of the approaching medical transport helicopter shattered the calm of the thin Colorado air. I always

Recruit like a Shark

Recruit Like a Shark


"The Rogue Recruiter" David Perry is interviewed by ZoomInfo's Will Frattini to help you identify ways in which you can begin recruiting like a shark.

When the Best Candidates Call YOU: Using Media Expertise and an Indirect Approach

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While re-reading Simon  Sinek's book "Why" I was reminded of just how often being able to articulate a client's 'Why' has made the difference between success or failure when recruiting senior executives into a new opportunity.  This is also true when it comes to hiring an entire team of non-executives. 

Top five practices recruiters should adopt from fantasy football.


Word version of the article: Top five practices recruiters should adopt from fantasy football. Be it by accident or design, most recruiters or companies looking to hire talent limit themselves to a game of Texas hold ‘em, blindly accepting the talent they’re dealt from a limited deck of prospects.

Acqui-hire or Lift-out which recruitment strategy is best?

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Need to build a high performance 'team' efficiently? Take a look at two novel hiring methods - the acqui-hire and the lift-out. Familiarize you with the pros and cons of both the acqui-hire and the lift-out before crafting your next talent acquisition plan..

Return On Investment: Do You Measure it for Executive Search?

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Executive recruiting: Every investment must be measured by the return produced. Too often business owners view the acquisition of staff as a simple process of expansion. But the acquisition of key players is an investment like any other, one which should have a demonstrative Return On Investment which clearly justified the effort and cost involved.

Extraordinary Executive Search

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Perry-Martel International is a retained executive search firm working to serve its clients through specific, and specifically-accountable, projects. We have several distinctive qualities which we bring into play for our clients to provide Extraordinary Executive Search: 1. One-Year Guarantee -- Recruiting key executive talent can be a difficult, time-consuming,

Emotional Intelligence and Your Career Portfolio

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Having an up-to-date emotional intelligence assessment has become one of your greatest assets in your job search strategy. Why? Because by doing so you’ve reduced the risk the hiring manager has in hiring YOU. An emotional intelligence assessment gives you concrete and valid evidence that complements your résumé and

What is an employee worth? Not Compensation But Value!

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As an extreme example, entertainer David Bowie floated a personal bond issue recently. He offered investors a portion of his future royalties from previously recorded material and receipts from future concerts. The “Bowie Bonds” were gone within an hour of the offer, for more than $50-million. In an even

Leadership Lessons from the American War of Independence

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[Originally published in Silicon Valley North ~ 2000] Mel Gibson’s movie, The Patriot, featured one of the unsung heroes of the American revolutionary war, Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. The Baron, a Prussian military leader, was recruited by George Washington to be the drillmaster of the