Building a Dream Team

With the unemployment rate at its lowest level since the recession, financial institutions are feeling the hiring crunch. Once upon a time, hiring teams could post a job description online and have more than enough qualified applicants beating down their door. These days, they’re often posting to crickets. And the dearth of able and interested …

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Executive Search News

HR Wrestles the Guerrillas

When it comes to deciding whether to use aggressive recruiters, HR professionals can run the gamut between those who are supportive of such tactics and those who are downright scared of them. HR practitioners don’t want any laws broken. They don’t want to start a talent war with their competition. And they especially don’t want …

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Ottawa’s Tech Edge: Lifestyle – Less manic pace a powerful lure, says recruiting expert

Stop pushing salaries and stock options to lure high-tech talent to Ottawa. Try canoes. David Perry, a leading technology recruiter, says technology companies should jointly promote the less manic Ottawa lifestyle in major U.S. cities. “In Boston, where it takes three hours to get to work, put up a big billboard beside expressways of a …

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No Shame in Self-Promotion

Dawn Montgomery is a savvy saleswoman. Her product? Dawn Montgomery. The Hamilton job hunter has her own slogan, which says she “always goes the extra mile.” The last four digits of her phone number spell her first name. She stacks her arms full of half-page flyers and slaps them on the windshields of parked cars. …

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ObjectTime Grabs The Best

By snaring Rob Rose and Jean-Pierre Jauvin — two of the top sales and marketing executives at Cognos Inc. — in the past two weeks, Kanata-based ObjecTime Ltd. is giving the local technology industry a rare glimpse of unbridled ambition. While high-tech companies have been raiding each other for executive talent for years, the campaign …

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