Perry-Martel Inside Out Approach

Don’t Follow The Leader

Too Many Start-ups Play Follow the Leader to Their ultimate Demise.

Disruption is serious business. Even known disruptors – think Apple, Amazon, Uber – watch their backs. These companies know that business is global, and that whatever advantage they possess could soon be lost to a newer, nimbler more innovative company in some far and growing corner of the earth.

When filing an open position, don’t follow the lead of the average recruiter or board of directors. Often these types simply hire someone with the same job title and skills as the outgoing executive without first analyzing past failures or acknowledging disruptive competitors on the horizon. Not surprisingly this approach often ends in failure.

CAUTION: If the people on your board of directors or the recruiter you’re relying on have never personally recruited and hired a Vice President of Sales who went on to successfully scale your type of  company – don’t entertain advice from  them nor allow them to sit on your search committee. 

Instead of simply accepting the org chart as presented, understand the real needs of the organization, the qualities of the right person for the position, the strengths and weaknesses of the officers not being replaced. The quality of the assets of the company, its market position, the short and long-term goals of the organization, the goals of the board of directors and need, if any, for a new strategy and vision for the success of the organization.

Go Inside Out.


Build your Search for Success: From the Inside Out

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