Executive Recruiting Videos

These videos on executive recruiting are keynote presentations that have been given by David Perry and Anita Martel.

Recruiting Industry 4.0 Leaders

This is a 48 minute presentation delivered by David and Anita in Braşov, România at the 2017 Great People Inside Conference.

Panel  Q&A

This is a 18 minute panel discussion and Q&A at HR/R/Evolution 2017 Great People Inside Conference.  Speakers include: Anita Martel, Ron Wiens, Josef Kadlec, and David Perry

The New World of Work
Hiring Greatness Keynote

This is a 45 minute presentation based on the principles taught in Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition.  It was delivered by David in Braşov, România at the 2016 HR Revolution Great People Inside Conference.

Panel Q&A

This is a 21 minute Q&A, some of which is in Romanian.   

How to Leverage the 3 Pillars of Recruitment and Candidate Engagement

You will look at candidate engagement and recruitment very differently after watching this webinar. Presented by ZoomInfo and Perry-Martel International Inc.    The webinar is based on David’s book, Executive Recruiting for Dummies