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Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream  Team  and  Crush the Competition Perry-Martel International - Hiring Greatness

The Unprecedented Tell-All Guide Through the Intricacies of Executive Recruitment

The single greatest opportunity that an organization has to improve both performance and culture in one stroke lies in the hiring of a new executive—the right executive. The fresh thinking of a skilled leader has the potential to unleash innovation, empower employees, and generate wealth for the company. Similarly, a bad hire may mortally wound the organization and cause ripple effects throughout the entire economy.

Hiring Greatness contains valuable insider strategies and tactics—previously only known to a handful of America’s wealthiest, elite head-hunters—to attract, recruit, and retain star executives. Authors David E. Perry and Mark J. Haluska have completed more than 1800 search projects across five continents, maintaining a 99.97% success rate, and negotiating more than $380 million in salaries. Like magicians unveiling the hidden ‘tricks of the trade,’ Perry and Haluska reveal:

  • How to systematically secure—and retain—the perfect talent for your company
  • How to keep recruiters from poaching your star executives (a good hire is relatively meaningless if they leave the company)
  • Twenty-three questions you must ask a potential headhunter
  • The language that makes your company the most compelling, and how HR lingo can repel the best talent
  • Four critical turnoffs that drive great candidates away from top companies

One company created $3.8 million of market value each hour, for six months, simply by hiring the right leader. Hiring Greatness takes you behind the scenes of one of the world’s most profitable and secretive industries, meticulously showing how any organization can make monumental hiring decisions that lead to massive success.

See the Hiring  Greatness web site for more  details on executive recruiting.

Executive Recruiting  for  Dummiesexecutive-recruiting-for-dummies

Tips and strategies to fill executive-level positions

Recruiting for high-end executives requires a special skill-set, and Executive Recruiting For Dummies is here to help you add this niche talent to your arsenal. Whether you’re an in-house human resources manager or a professional recruiter at a search firm, this friendly guide walks you through each step of filling that senior, executive, or other highly specialized position. This book covers the globalization of talent and the advantages of executive recruiting. It provides expert guidance on finding the right candidates, conducting hardy screening and interviewing processes, closing deals, and more.

There are 10,000,000 businesses in America that hire at least one senior executive a year, and most turn to commissioning a third-party organization, such as an executive search firm. Rather than losing that next top-tier recruiting job, let Executive Recruiting For Dummies show you how to add this highly desirable and sought-after skill to your resume.

  • Learn to recruit with precision
  • Create a robust interview process
  • Close the deal with a winning offer
  • Find out how to work with professional recruiters

Discover how to find the best talent and retain and attract clients  with the help of Executive Recruiting For Dummies.

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

The latest strategies for job hunters revealed in this revised and updated editionGuerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3This new Third Edition features the latest job-hunting strategies for the Information Age. You’ll discover key techniques to reach hiring managers at the employers you want to work for most. New chapters integrate using social media and social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo in your job search, along with case studies from successful guerrilla job hunters that detail what works in today’s hyper competitive job market with commentary from America’s top recruiters.

  • Present your skills in creative new ways that stand out in today’s hyper-competitive job market
  • Employ little-known search engine optimization tricks used by top headhunters
  • Integrated web site updated bi-weekly to remain state-of-the-moment
  • Part of the Guerrilla Marketing Series, the bestselling marketing book series

The job search process has changed drastically in the past few years. Turn these changes to your advantage and make your search successful with Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0.  See the Guerrilla Job Search web site for more  details as well as other products and services to  help when job hunting.

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2

In Today’s Job Jungle, the Guerrilla is King“You’ll learn how to build a compelling new network in days that gets you
sit-down meetings with decision makers who can hire you, for jobs that aren’t advertised or don’t even exist yet.”—Kevin Donlin, creator, TheSimpleJobSearch.com; co-creator, The Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course

“This book is brilliant. Packed with stories, examples, and tactics to help you at any point in your job search-this book is all about landing a real job with intense competition in a minimal amount of time.” —Jason Alba, CEO, JibberJobber.com; author, I’m on LinkedIn—Now What???

“Recruiters: read this book! You’re going to need it. When people start following the advice in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0, you’re going to be looking for a job.” —Shelly Harrison, founder and CEO, Launch Pad

“Job hunters don’t need to be told the ‘what’ of job hunting, they want and need to know the ‘hows.’ They are all here and then some.” —Dave Opton, founder and CEO, ExecuNet.com

“Changes in information and communication technologies have created new opportunities and pitfalls for the job seeker. Stand out from the crowd and truly shine by illuminating your most important talents to the broadest audience—in a cost-effective fashion.” —Sam Zales, President, Zoom Information Inc.

“Don’t get lost on the battlefield, win the war. Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 will give you the ammunition to get noticed.” —Donato Diorio, CEO, Broadlook Technologies

“Lays out a straightforward and detailed ‘plan of attack’ for every step of a job search…an indispensable tool for job seekers to land the interview.” —Gautam Godhwani, CEO, SimplyHired.com

“Competition for the best positions is especially fierce and every candidate will be looking for an edge. If you want to get the edge…you need to get this great new book.” —Steven Rothberg, founder, CollegeRecruiter.com

“The only book that explains step by step, how to land interviews with the companies you choose AND create a high-visibility profile attracting employers-like a moth to a flame.” —Terrence Kulka, Director, Executive MBA Program, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

“Beyond your Guerrilla Resume…here’s how to take charge of your personal brand, and stand out from the crowd leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, and more.” —Peter Clayton, CEO, Total Picture Radio

P.S.—We knew you’d read this far. How did we know this? Please turn to Chapter 5 and read, “One Unusual Way to End Your Guerrilla Cover Letter.”

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

Ready! Aim! Hired!“This is an immensely helpful book, with the ancient wisdom of recruiters,?and the up-to-date?insights of two skilled Internet surfers. If you’re job-hunting, you’ll be grateful to learn the tips and tricks of these two seasoned veterans. I learned a lot myself.”
—Richard N. Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute?“I have been an apprentice, a company president, and a CEO. No other single source provides a more contemporary and embracing job search bible. This book offers literally hundreds of little known insider tips, strategies, out-of-the-box success stories, hands-on exercises, and pearls of wisdom. Many readers will hear the words, ‘You’re Hired’ due to David Perry and Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters.”
—Kelly Perdew, Executive Vice President, Trump Ice winner of The Apprentice 2″Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters is an absolutely ‘right on’ book for today’s job market. It not only has great job search tips but it takes you into the electronic job search system better than anything I’ve seen written to date.”
—William J. Morin, Chairman and CEO, WJM Associates, Inc. former CEO of DBMUsing a typically unconventional Guerrilla approach, authors Levinson and Perry cover all the basics of a winning campaign. This book covers:

  • Using the Internet for everything from research and job searches to your own Web site, blogs, and podcasting
  • Performing an extreme resume makeover and creating a higher-powered value-based resume
  • Harnessing the full power of Google, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo to uncover opportunities in the “hidden job market” ahead of your competition (or other job hunters)
  • Branding yourself and selling your strengths in resumes, letters, e-mail, and interviews

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters includes real-life war stories from successful job hunters and expert tips and tactics from over 100 prominent headhunters.

Career Guide for the High Tech Professional: Where the Jobs are Now and How to Land  Them

Career Guide for the High Tech ProfessionalThis book is filled with job-finding wisdom and the actual things you must say in your cover letter, on your resume, and during your interviews. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is covered.

“…It’s informative and gives realistic steps to take in creating fulfilling and productive economic marriages.” — Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“…No one gives you a job, you earn one, and Perry shows you how.” — Seth Godin, author of Survival is Not Enough

“…Perry shows you how to embrace your talents…and excel in a career you are passionate about.” — Guy Kawasaki, author of Rules for Revolutionaries, and Chief Executive Officer, Garage Technology Ventures

“This is ‘Guerrilla Hunting’ at its best, and I highly recommend that you invest the time in reading it…” — Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing