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In Steven Speilberg’s film, “Catch Me if You Can”, Leonardo di Caprio portrays Frank W. Abagnale a master impostor and forger. Abagnale used false identities to work as a doctor, a lawyer, a college professor, even a co-pilot for a major airline company—all before reaching his 21st birthday. It’s a very funny and entertaining movie but it does begs the question, “how did this guy ever get hired?”  Did no one check his references?

Don't Hire a Liar

Never be fooled again. Learn to do reference check correctly.

Truthfully it’s not that hard. Con artists and masters of deception trick employers every day, robbing the economy and putting people’s lives at risk.   Reference checks are your opportunity to separate fact from fiction – the sincere candidate from the professional interviewee – and prosperity from a lawsuit. It’s the key to guaranteeing a quality hire – but only if it’s done correctly.

It will probably come as no surprise studies consistently show that at least a third of all candidates are prone to ‘embellish’ their suitability for the job they want.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, US organizations lose more than $660 billion annually to fraud and abuse.

It is a serious problem that is growing:

  • 33% of job applicants falsify employment applications.
  • Over 85% of all resumes contain errors, omissions and false statements.
  • 60% of college registrars regularly experience attempts to document false credentials.
  • 45% of potential employees have; a criminal record, bad driving record, worker’s compensation claim, or bad credit history.

Persons with substance abuse:

  • are 10 times more likely to miss work,
  • 3 times more likely to have an accident,
  • 33% less productive on the job and
  • file 5 times as many workers’ compensation claims.

The American Management Association says employee theft causes 50% of the nation’s business failures. While 95 % of all businesses are victims of theft, but only 10% discover it, and the ‘average employee’ embezzlement is over $125,000.

Sadly, Bernard “Bernie” Madoff set the record for fraud and embezzlement at $65 billion when his Ponzi Scheme unraveled in 2008. What was most amazing where the sheer number of corporations and knowledgeable investors whom he stole from – more than 720,000 outside the United States. Many of these were sophisticated business people.

Today’s ultra-competitive job market, can bring out the worst in some people.

Don’t Hire a Liar  – Don’t be victimized

Protect yourself.  Don’t Hire a Liar.

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