This is the inside story on how the engineering and construction industry giant AECOM drove innovation across the company and increased customer satisfaction, by using the opportunity presented by an executive recruiting project to get closer to their clients.  AECOM gained greater penetration in their key accounts, increased customer satisfaction and gained a larger “share of wallet” from their major accounts.

The Back Story

Even though AECOM’s Client Care Program is now a successful global analytics team devoted to optimizing the firm’s project excellence and client experiences, just a few years ago it was a fledgling element of the company still getting off the ground.

A newly created role of Corporate Vice-President, Client Care Program was identified to help grow and develop the nascent division – whose existence was a relatively new concept in the engineering and construction industry, in general – into the client feedback powerhouse it is today. Leading the hiring charge were the two creators of the program, a company president and a director, who each had a huge personal stake in seeing both the hire and the program succeed. The program was one of the top three initiatives for AECOM’s CEO at the time.

Each case study interview presents the client’s perspective after the fact. These interviews are a frank assessment of what it’s like to work with Perry-Martel.  The summary document is very short but the other two interviews are longer because they’re a no-holds bared interviews focusing on both the services rendered through Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach, as well as the actual outcomes achieved.

Executive search case stud 6 - SummaryCase Study Summary for the two case interviews which follow below from the Search Chair and the  Candidate Hired.  The summary is short because the interviews are quite detailed.

Mr. Deutsch agreed adding that, Perry-Martel acted as part organizational psychologist and part recruiter during the entire process, while always keeping the organization and individual’s long-term interests in mind.’

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Jordan SweeneyCase Study: Corporate Vice President – Client Care Program 1 of 2 – Search Chair’s Perspective

David … always showed tremendous professionalism and poise in his ability to continue on what he knew was a tried and proven method that he knew would yield the right result.” – Jordan Sweeney, Head of Industrial Accounts and Strategic Sales, AECOM

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Luke WilliamsCase Study: Corporate Vice President – Client Care Program 2 of 2 – Candidate’s Perspective

David opened my eyes; I don’t even think recruiter is the right word for David, I mean he really is more like a shaper. He helped me think about this whole process in a completely different way. He did things that I would never even have imagined.” – Luke Williams, Corporate Vice President Client Care Program, AECOM

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Or Listen to the complete audio with Peter Clayton interviewing Luke Williams.

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