Recruiting Case Interviews: Manufacturing


Executive Search Cse Study - Manufacturing

Vice President of Sales Manufacturing – Executive Search Case Interview

“David Perry brings to the assignment an intensity that rarely comes across in recruiting, or frankly anywhere else. He took an extreme personal interest in the success of the search. He did most of the work himself, maybe all of it. David dug in extremely deeply to the candidates, the industry, and everything else to make sure that the search went the way we hoped.” – Eric Golden, Founder and CEO Equipois

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Executive Search Case Interview: Vice President Marketing, Director of Product Management, 5 Product Managers, several other director level personnel

“If you fast forward, we roughly tripled the valuation of the business. The valuation was in the 20s of millions of dollars when I got there, and the business sold for about $70 million.  The hope, when I joined the company, was that we would develop an exit and execute an exit strategy within three to five years. We did this in 14 months.” – Steve Panyko, CEO CML Technologies

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Executive Search Case Studies

Senior Product Managers – Executive Search Case Interview

‘…what I have learned in dealing with David and talking with him is that he really takes a team approach. It is not a transactional approach; it is not, “Oh, I have to go out and  find a body that is a marketing director or this or that.” He really looks at it strategically rather than transitionally.’ – Alan Zander, Director of Product Management, CML Technologies

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