Six Executive Recruiting Case Study Summaries

Hiring the ‘Best’ is not about money.  It never was.  Shocking. But true.

The Best come to an organization not to make more money, but because of what the organization stands for and what it’s trying to achieve.  For the Best ‘work’ has meaning.  

To attract them, first you must engage their heart.  Next, they will want to understand the organization’s business goals, its challenges, its assumptions, and its blind spots.  Lastly, the Best will want to understand the organizational culture that drives the way people interact and how things get done.

To attract the Best, you need a systematic approach to finding them, engaging their interest, and assessing their alignment with your goals. 

To get the information for that level of engagement, Perry-Martel first goes deep inside the hiring organization using an Inside-Out Approach. Only when we have the narrative for the engagement story do we go out to the marketplace.


Vice President Sales 

SaaS sales vice president case study


Net Promoter Score – VP

Net Promoter Score® - Case Study


Executive Director

Association Executive Director Case Study


Vice President Sales 

Case study vice president sales SaaS


Vice President of Sales

CAse Study Vice president Sales Manufacturing


Chief Marketing Officer

CML Case STudy Summary cover

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