Vice President Sales – SaaS – Case Study Summary


‘A Force to be Reckoned With’


Prior to the company’s acquisition by j2 Global Communications Inc., SaaS (software-as-a-service) leader CEO Joseph Nour had interviewed almost 90 candidates for the company’s vice-president of sales opening without having made an offer. The state of the company’s SaaS sales team at Protus IP Solutions was unsettled, perhaps even a bit chaotic.

So they turned to David Perry and Perry-Martel International to find the perfect candidate.


As it turned out, David already knew that candidate. He’d even spent two hours talking to him a few years earlier. “It was two of the most engaging hours I think I’ve ever had, with anybody, any time, in my professional career,” said Rudy Richman, the former founder and president of SPI Technologies and Protus’s next VP of Sales.

The two of them had connected some time earlier regarding a different opportunity that didn’t work out. But they’d spoke at length on the kind of value Rudy had brought to other organizations, and the value he could bring to companies in the future. David promised that the next time they spoke, it would be because he’d have an opportunity that fit both he and the company like a glove.


Protus hired Richman on Perry-Martel’s recommendation and saw revenue jump 450 per cent in a little more than six years, from $14 million to $77 million. Richman led a sales team that spearheaded sales conversions from web leads along with more consultative, enterprise-level sales to large-scale organizations.

The company then made a $213-million exit based on the strength of Richman’s sales team, a figure two and a half times the company’s revenue and the only profitable exit of a technology company in Ottawa, Ontario during that decade. “(But) it was a testament to David’s recruiting skills and how he handled the relationship with the company that employed him,” says Richman.

“I think he stands head and shoulders above the rest of the recruiters that I’ve either worked with in the past or companies that I have worked with in the past. They just don’t seem to listen and they just don’t seem to find the right candidate.”


SaaS Vice President Sales

Case Study Summary

SaaS Vice President Sales Case Study

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