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Change is the only constant in today’s market.  Perry-Martel can help you stay a ahead of the market AND your competition. Our two partners are subject matter experts.  You can experience their thinking through the books, guides, case studies, and webinars linked to below.   Need a speaker for an event?  They do that too.  If you want more help we are all just a phone call away.

Resources for Employers

Resources for Executive Job Seekers

  • Looking for your next big career opportunity?  Then these Job Seeker Resources will help you get to your end goal much faster. Take what you need and follow the links to the guerrilla marketing for job hunters home page for even more material.

  • Now if you’re in between opportunities and you want to make your phone ring with offers then check out  MNJH is based on the very successful 10 Week Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp designed by David Perry, the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0.

    WARNING: You CAN NOT use if you currently have a job.  You will not have time to complete the daily exercises.  This a boot camp in the true sense of the term.  It’s not a ‘social’, feel good, Kumbya, ain’t it awful, woe is me, support program.  Life isn’t fair.  We all know that.    It’s a: sometimes bad things happen to good people… but that’s life – let’s get on with living program designed to get people into a great job  in 3-5 weeks.  The program requires 6-8 hours of dedicated time, every day – 5 days a week.  If you do the work, you should land quickly.  Don’t follow the program – you loose out.  Very simple and that direct.  There are a ton of testimonials here that speak to the program’s near perfect success rate.  Lastly, the price is right too.

How to Perform a
SWOT Analysis

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