Executive Recruiting for Dummies  

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Build a recruiting process that provides killer competitive advantage by looking at executive recruiting in a new way.

How many executives did you hire last year?  How many left before you wanted them to?

Don’t just be satisfied hiring the best talent currently looking for work–land the best talent period. 

This book is for search committees, hiring managers, and those recruiters interested in adding real and significant value to their organization.

Executive Recruiting For Dummies fuses strategy, values, and behavioral science with expert-driven insight and information to the benefit of everyone tasked with hiring real leaders. If you’re ready to build a winning executive team stacked with the best talent money alone can’t buy, then Executive Recruiting For Dummies is for you.

Outcomes you can expect from reading Executive Recruiting for Dummies:

  1. Recruit and retain top-tier talent
  2. Fast-track your hiring success
  3. Gain insider secrets to hire the optimum fit
  4. Best Practices explained
  5. Influence stakeholders
  6. Engage passive candidates
  7. Recruit the C-Suite
  8. Benchmark for “fit”
  9. Reduce opportunity costs
  10. Lead meaningful interviews
  11. Recruiter-proof your hires
  12. Negotiate a win-win deal

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