Welcome Smart ‘Executive Recruiting for Dummies’ Launch Day buyers

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Mark and I are happy to see you took advantage of the bonus material because we, and the people who provided the material, spent a great deal of time deciding what would best help you in your recruiting efforts.

Because the downloads are comprised of audio, video, software and reading material, and runs several gigs in size,  we organized it so you could download what you needed at your own pace.  No sense waiting for a massive download that could gobble up your bandwidth or a huge email that your service might deny – when you don’t need to.

Lastly, there are several podcasts still in the recording and editing stages, so if a bonus item is not available right away, a separate link will be forwarded to you.

For your convenience the download page is organized by item category:

Software trials

We provide special direct links to each company’s download page just for buyers of Executive Recruiting for Dummies.  Please just click the links and follow the instructions on each company’s site.

Whitepapers and ebooks and PDfs

Material from Amy Karam, Dan Hill, Jim Durbin, Ron Wiens, and Timothy Keiningham


Material from Gary Stable, Oren Klaff, Rayannne Thorn, and Stephen O’Hanlon


Videos from Bill Vick and Jeanette Levey Frisch

Webinar instructions

The webinar How to Approach ANYBODY and Get Response EVERY TIME from Josef Kadlec on April 25the 2017

Directed Links

For material from Bob Pritchard, George Bradt and Jim Lobaito please follow these instructions:

  • Bob Pritchard – Send an email to bob@bobpritchard.com and simply write “Executive Recruitment For Dummies” in the subject line.
  • George Bradt – email us at inquiry@primegenesis.com with the subject line  “requesting an e-copy of The New Job 100-Day Plan per Executive Search for Dummies
  • Jim Durbin – Click on this link to go straight to his site
  • Jim Lobaito – click on this link to go straight to his site

Podcasts from  Peter Clayton

Peter has organized the podcasts in several different sites for convenience.  Please choose the one which best suits your needs.

  1. Craig Fisher, Head of Employer Brand, CA Technologies. Expert in employer branding, LinkedIn and social media marketing. Learn how to get noticed.
  1. Data Rules: Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology at ADP. Technology & Analytics – What Do You Need To Know to Differentiate Yourself? You will need data to make the sale. Chris gives you a roadmap.
  1. Leonard Sherman. When You’re in a Dogfight Become a Cat. Len is an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School. His book is an MBA-level course in marketing. This is your playbook on how to differentiate yourself in a dog-eat-dog world.
  1. George Bradt. The Three Job Interview Questions You Need to Answer. How to Position Yourself, and Your Career For Success. George owns onboarding. He is the managing partner of PrimeGenesis. Making the placement is only half the battle for an executive recruiter. George will help you to make sure your candidate will stay, when hired.
  • Link: http://www.totalpicture.com/career-podcast-interview-channels/podcasts-interviews-in-cue/1570-the-three-job-interview-questions-you-need-to-answer.html
  • SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/totalpicture/the-three-job-interview-questions-you-need-to-answer
  • ShowPage http://bit.ly/2ldw1q4
  1. Bill George: Discovering Your True North,Do it right. Bill George, former Medtronic chairman and CEO, and senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School, will help you set your True North.

So please follow each of the links provided below to receive the material or sign up for their free trail.

Happy hunting!

David Perry & Mark Haluska