Executive Search Case Studies & Case Interviews

The following Case Studies and Case Interviews demonstrate the results achieved by clients using the  Inside-Out Approach®.   

The documents demonstrate how we fuse strategy, values, and behavioral science with ‘guerrilla marketing tactics‘ to deliver what others say cannot be done, through an open, honest, and transparent process.

Case Interviews were conducted with the hiring managers, search chairs and human resource staff directly involved with the search and hire of the executive. 

Case Studies include C-Level roles – sales, business development, product management, and marketing – as well as  hard to hire technical leaders who drive innovation. 

The Inside-Out Approach can be used across all industries. It is especially useful when recruiting Leadership for and Industry 4.0 World.  

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A Force to be Reckoned With: Case Study Summary

This case study summary looks at how Perry-Martel’s recommendation to hire a vice president of sales saw revenue jump 450 per cent in a little more than six years, from $14 million to $77 million and then made a $213-million exit based on the strength of the sales team, a figure two and a half times the company’s revenue . 

Download: Vice-President-of-Sales Case Study Summary

Executive Search Case Study: Vice President of Sales SaaS

“Execution and commitment are absolutely essential to any strategy or initiative in an era too full of plans, process and procrastination. You may have a technology which gives you an edge, but your people determine whether you win. David gets that. He delivered only the best.” -Joseph Nour, CEO, Protus IP Solutions

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Halogen: Case Study – Vice President of Sales

This case study summary looks at how Perry-Martel accomplished in three months what Halogen hadn’t achieved internally in nine: Find the perfect candidate, one who translated into record-breaking quarter-over-quarter sales, and who in just one year helped grow the company’s client base from under 400 to close to 1,000.   

Download: Vice-President-of-Sales Case Study Summary

Executive Search Case Study: Vice President of Sales

‘The thing that struck us the most, and the predominant reason why we chose David was that David listened, but he also gave us ideas… There was an interesting comfort feel. As it turned out, what we couldn’t do in nine months, David did in under three.’ – Stan Janas, Director of Human Resources, Halogen Software

Click to Download: Vice President Sales (Software) Case Study

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Veteran Sales Exec Hired to Fuel GrowthCase Study

This case study summary looks at how Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach Aware was leveraged to hire a vice-president of sales to fuel critical revenue growth that would lead to a successful exit courtesy of bionic suit maker Ekso Bionics.  They had a crucial need to get it right the first time.

Download: Veteran Sales Executive Hired to Fuel Growth Case Study Summary

Vice President of Sales Manufacturing –Executive Search Case Interview

“Perry brings to the assignment an intensity that rarely comes across in recruiting, or frankly anywhere else. He took an extreme personal interest in the success of the search… he dug in extremely deeply to the candidates, the industry, and everything else to make sure that the search went the way we hoped.” – Eric Golden, Founder and CEO Equipois

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Executive search case stud 6 - SummaryAECOM: Case Study – Client Care Program

This case study summary is for the two interviews which follow below.  The two people interviewed were the Search Chair and the Candidate who was hired into the role. The summary piece is one page because the interviews which follow are quite detailed.  

Jordan SweeneyCase Interview: Corporate Vice President – 1 of 2 – Search Chair’s Perspective

David … always showed tremendous professionalism and poise in his ability to continue on what he knew was a tried and proven method that he knew would yield the right result.” – Jordan Sweeney, Head of Industrial Accounts and Strategic Sales, AECOM INC.

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Luke WilliamsCase Interview: Corporate Vice President – 2 of 2 – Candidate’s Perspective

David opened my eyes; I don’t even think recruiter is the right word for David, I mean he really is more like a shaper. He helped me think about this whole process in a completely different way. He did things that I would never even have imagined.” – Luke Williams, Corporate Vice President Client Care Program, AECOM

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CML Case STudy Summary cover

Case Study – From Worst to 1st and into a Merger in 14 Months

This case study summary looks at how Perry-Martel’s , the executive search hit it out of the park: CML’s leadership team went into overdrive, tripling the company’s valuation to around $70 million in a little more than a year. 

Download: Strategic Business Leaders Case Study Summary

Executive Search Case Interview: Chief Marketing Officer/ Director of Product Management

“If you fast forward, we roughly tripled the valuation of the business. The valuation was in the 20s of millions of dollars when I got there, and the business sold for about $70 million.  We did this in 14 months.” – Steve Panyko, CEO CML Technologies

Click to Download: Vice President Marketing Case Study

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Executive Search Case Studies

Executive Search Case Study: Team of 5 Senior Product Managers

‘…what I have learned in dealing with David and talking with him is that he really takes a team approach. It is not a transactional approach; it is not, “Oh, I have to go out and  find a body that is a marketing director or this or that.” He really looks at it strategically rather than transitionally.’ – Alan Zander, Director of Product Management, CML Technologies

Click to Download: Product Management Team (Systems) Case Study

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Replaces beloved Executive Director Case Study - AssociationReplacing Beloved Executive Director – Executive Search Case Study

This case study summary looks at how Perry-Martel’s , competency-based approach, harmonized concerns about the retiring executive’s legacy with the additional competencies needed to carry the institution into a new era – three months ahead of schedule.

Click to Download: Replacing Beloved Executive Director Case Study

Executive Search Case Interview: General Manager

“When you go out and hire a professional, you’re expecting a professional standard. With Dave, he acted in a professional manner all the way through.  He provided more than enough information to help us. He would always ask me how to rank the four. When I would rank them, he would question me why… ” – Sheryl Blackburn, Vice Chair Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

Click to Download: Association General Manager Case Study

As Talent Strategists  PMI bring deep expertise in filling C-suite roles and specialize in recruiting sales & marketing executives in three markets:

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Hear from hiring authorities, search chairs, HR and candidates, as they reflect on Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach®.