Real Estate Recruiting Experience

Our Real Estate Recruiting Backstory

An accidental encounter with Canadian financier and real estate developer Robert Campeau in 1986 lead to Perry recruiting and placing  multiple executives for real estate roles with Campeau across North America.  

Referrals by Mr. Campeau then lead to recruiting assignments with owners, CEOs and senior executives of some of the largest real estate development companies in Canada and the United States. 

Successfully recruiting the Chief Financial Officer for OMERS Realty back in 1990 was an early career highlight.

From the World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa to Canary Warf  in London England – from the Scotia Plaza and the TD CANADA TRUST Tower in Toronto to Place Felix Martin in Montreal and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, Perry racked up frequent flyer points at an incredible pace early in his career.


Real Estate Executive Search

Types of Projects

Executive Recruiting Roles Include

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Legal Council

  • Senior Executive Vice President, Commercial Property Development

  • Executive Vice President Land Development

  • Vice President Construction

  • Vice President of Architecture and Design

  • Vice President Construction

  • Vice President Leasing

  • Vice President Property Management

  • Vice President Marketing

  • Vice President Marketing

  • Vice President Finance

  • Tenant Fit-out Coordinator

  • Vice President Marketing

  • Supervisor of Accounting

  • Construction Manager

  • Shopping Center General Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Facilities Manager

and many more…