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The Rogue Recruiter

I met David Perry many years ago at a recruiting conference in Toronto. He was soft-spoken, insightful, and kind, so when I learned that his nickname, given to him by The Wall Street Journal, was the Rogue Recruiter – I was surprised. He did not seem rogue, but rather non-complacent to do what others had always done. He was driven to achieve, to succeed, and to score the big one.

The Big One

In the world of recruiters, the big one can have a number of connotations: taking on a new client, getting the retainer you ask for, having an exclusive agreement for an executive search, or finding, then hiring the perfect candidate to close the deal, and then retaining that client for future business. In David’s case, the Big Ones just kept coming. Back in 2008, I learned more in the first hour I knew him than I had from all the other recruiters I had ever met or learned from up until that point.

He is insatiable when it comes to sharing his knowledge and the keys to his own personal success. I want to make sure that it is clearly understood what this means: David is a pro, he is a ball-buster, he works harder than anyone I know, he is a devoted husband and father, and he loves to share his “rogue” secrets. And by share, I mean tell, write, and present. The number of books he has written about job search, hiring, and executive search speak to the truth of my words. And what does this mean for me personally? It means I learn, I grow, I continue to develop a well-loved practice. Imagine that – a guy with this much success, giving little ol’ me some little ol’ perspective.

The Latest

On March 24th, David’s latest book written with his business partner, Mark Haluska will be released, Executive Search for Dummies. The #1 lesson in this book is to learn to hire with precision. There have already been articles written about this yet unreleased book. George Bradt wrote for Forbes in How To Turn Millennial Dummies Into Experts

“Finally it suggests ten principles of effective executive recruiting, ten keys to working successfully with the search committee, and ten benefits of using a professional recruiter.

And there’s the rub. The book can give anyone a theoretical underpinning for search. But it will not equip anyone to be a professional recruiter.”

No Longer Surprised

A few years ago, David told me he had written his last book – I am glad to report the lack of accuracy to that statement. He continues to excel in his secondary career, the one I call teacher. I’m excited to report that he and Mark have consented to sharing a few more secrets with me in an upcoming podcast series, “For the Smart Ones , too,” where they will share with me that even those who wear smarty pants can learn from these two experts.

Nothing that David and Mark decide to do surprises me anymore. They have identified themselves as experts because they do the work, not because they talk about the work. There are far too many in this particular industry today who self-identify as thought leaders or gurus – but very few who are actually still in the trenches taking care of their clients by hiring the right executive the first time. Do not be fooled by the avid, pot-stirring blogger.

Recruiting the High-End Executive

In Haluska and Perry’s latest book, an inexperienced as well as the most committed and experienced recruiter or headhunter will learn more about how to find and secure the perfect fit & the most qualified hire, as well as best practices for how to hang on to those who pay the bills – the happy and loyal clients.

Additionally, it wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea for executive job seekers to know a bit more about the executive recruiter’s role to gain a greater understanding of the process. The more you know, well, the more you know.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Learn. And go rogue.


Build your Search for Success: From the Inside Out

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