The production of value is the most important criteria of hiring and should be your most important search criteria.  Value is not salary; worth does not flow from a job title. Knowing what’s important to a company means looking beyond job titles and compensation tables, especially in the knowledge-based economy, where sudden changes and uncertainty are the norm.

Knowing how to evaluate the worth of someone’s contribution is the important element. Being able to asses a candidate’s star performance capabilities is the key between average and extraordinary. Perry-Martel finds that value.

There are two elements you need to consider:

  1. Understanding thoroughly what the value contribution is that you want
  2. Understanding how you’ll know when you find it

Knowledge workers are on the edge of change, and they see better than anyone else how their worth measures up.  What’s the VALUE you are looking for, from an employee’s contribution to your company?

Especially for it’s senior positions, companies are rarely looking to fill in a box on a standard employee recruitment form. Usually, they are looking for something more nebulous, and more important. You are looking for a senior person who can deliver a QUALITY , not a quantity. Instead of filling in a box, you are looking to explode out from an open-ended, initiative-driven space.  Qualities are difficult to find, measure or test in an ordinary recruitment drive. And you don’t find those qualities by searching for specific salary levels — the qualities that make up the new Value Table are money-resistant.

The New Value Table: Figure 1.2 – “Hiring Greatness How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition” {John Wiley 2106: Perry, David and Haluska Mark}

Bottom line

Perry-Martel can match the value you require, to the qualities of special candidates. We have developed a unique insight into value relationships because of our history with the people and companies that make the high-tech news, and because we have always concentrated on the relationships that clients and candidates form with each other.

We don’t just fill in a box on your organization chart — we create value chains between you and your senior staff.  Knowing the nuts and bolts of the industry is not enough. We take the time to get to know the inner workings of your company: its products, people and culture.  This goes beyond skill sets and resumes. You want professionals who match their values to your value requirements. You should share a similar vision. Only then will there be a successful fit for you and your candidate — and your future growth prospects.

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