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By David Perry

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WHETHER YOU're new to the recruiting industry or working on your 100th placement, executive recruiting for dummies AND HIRING GREATNESS offer full-spectrum guides for finding the right people... without wasting time or money.

Should you Read Hiring Greatness?

Hiring Greatness is best read by Recruiters, Consultants, CEO’s and Board Members who want a full understanding of their hiring process, and where they fit in it. 


Feeling stuck in your ways? 
Find what you’ve been missing!

  • Best Practices Explained
  • Build a Workflow
  • Engage Passive Candidates
  • Negotiate a Win-Win


Understand the If’s and Why’s of your Client’s Hiring Process.

  • Solidify your Position
  • Transition to Permanency
  • Streamline Project Management


Building a team on top of building a business is HARD WORK.

  • Recruit your Executive Suite
  • Benchmark for “Fit”
  • Lead Meaningful Interviews
  • Recruiter Proof your Hires

Board members

Learn the hiring process and how your decisions impact it.

  • Influence Stakeholders
  • Reduce Opportunity Costs
  • Minimize Risk
  • Manage Human Investment

HERE's What You Will Learn


Hit the ground sprinting by doing all the necessary legwork BEFORE you start your search process. Avoid unexpected surprises!


No King (or Queen) rules alone. Learn how your executive suite aligns on the necessary values, skills and fit required for a successful new hire.


Skill means nothing if a candidate just doesn't fit your team or culture. Learn how to gauge and nail down one of the most intangible aspects of judging a candidate: Fit.


Keep your interviews organized, informative and on-time. Learn how to ask the right questions, and more importantly, spot the right answers; and suss out the liars.

Take a Peak Inside

Setting up a Search Committee

No King (or Queen) rules alone. And they certainly don't hire alone either. Learn how to pick, set-up and coordinate a search committee within your client's executive suite to ensure alignment and common purpose.

Finding the Right Fit

Skills are easy. Pedigree is easy. But the intangibles? Fit? Those are hard. Learn how to gauge candidates and clients, and take the guess work out of aligning culture.

Due Diligence

Don't hire a liar. Seems obvious right? You'd be shocked at how often it happens. Mitigate hiring mistakes by learning how to perform 360 reference checks.

Additional FREE Resources

Supercharge your Hiring Pipeline

Recruiter Scorecard

Not sure if the recruiter your working with has the chops for the job? Evaluate them before hiring them, with the Recruiter Scorecard. See where they're strengths and weaknesses lie. Be confident that they have what you need!

The Compensation Checklist

All that glitters is not gold. Often the most intimidating part of hiring, especially for newer recruiters, is negotiating a compensation agreement that is both enticing and within the client's budget. Don't forget, it's not always about the money!

LinkedIn Job Postings How To Guide

Thinking of using LinkedIn Job Postings to assist in your search? Not sure where to start? Read our LinkedIn Job Posting How to Guide to learn all the do's and don'ts of LinkedIn's Job Postings system. It's easier than it looks!

What readers Have to Say

Industry leaders LOVE Hiring Greatness!


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