How to Recruit a Rainmaker

Chasing the Purple Unicorn

Perry-Martel, is famous for hiring individuals capable of changing the fortunes of an organization, was recently tasked with recruiting a Rainmaker for Rossmann Architecture, an architecture firm situated in Ottawa, Canada.

The Rainmaker, a position deemed nearly impossible to fill, is an individual with exceptional business development skills that can help crush goals and transform a company’s fortunes. Such individuals are scarce, and it is challenging to connect with them as they are all currently employed.

Rossmann Architecture’s search for a Rainmaker led them to hire Perry-Martel to locate and recruit an individual capable of making a significant difference in the company’s future. This search is not the first of its kind for Perry-Martel, as they are frequently called upon to fill such high-level positions. The task at hand required Perry-Martel to scour the business landscape to find the right person for the job, one that can impact the company’s growth and fortunes.

How to Recruit a Rainmaker

Looking Beyond the Initial Hire

Recruiting a Rainmaker is a complicated process that often requires executive search firms like Perry-Martel to use their unique skills and expertise to identify and attract such individuals. Given the scarcity of such individuals, it is vital to use a unique and professional approach to get the right person for the job.

How to Recruit a Rainmaker

The Interviewer and Interviewee 

How to Recruit a Rainmaker Interviewer Peter Clayton

Interviewer - Peter Clayton

Producer/Host - Total Picture Media

Peter Clayton has proven, award-winning experience innovating and creating themes, content, and production for corporate and industry conferences and events. He's an accomplished writer-director of corporate image, marketing, and documentary films.

How to Recruit a Rainmaker Rainmaker Shane Balcom

Shane Balcom - Rainmaker

Rossmann Architecture - Managing Director

Shane Balcom is responsible for revenue and business development including partnerships and future acquisitions. Drive the execution and implementation of scalable process/systems to work as a foundation for Organizational growth


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