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Break the Glass: Recruitment in an Industry 4.0 World

Recruiting Leaders in an Industry 4.0 World

Globalization, a “Pandemic Hangover’ and ‘The Great Resignation’, are driving organizations to be aggressive in  recruiting the best – those top people, whose skill, means the difference between victory or vanish.

In this leadership-hungry Industry 4.0 world,  the environment for  recruiting and especially executive recruiting leaders, has changed; the days of passive resume collecting are over.

It’s the difference between standing on the street corner handing out leaflets, AND INSTEAD looking in all the company windows, finding who you need, and breaking the glass to reach in and grab them.

Break the glass - recruitment 4.0

The leaders who have the talent you crave are already employed. Any person who can design a top product, manage complex projects, perform marketing miracles, sell new customers, or execute leadership, is an authority who can take his or her pick of top opportunities. They will only make a move if the career attraction is compelling.

Your requirement for people with tenacity, real talent and dogged determination can only be satisfied by using a recruiter who can match those qualities for your recruitment drive. 

Your recruiter needs to be your “success partner” – someone willing to search the world, cold-call the prospects, get their attention, raise your proposition above the background noise, keep at it tenaciously for however long it takes – be it weeks or months – and be intelligent enough to present the same opportunity in creative new lights until the persuasion works.

In a word, your success partner has to know your organizational structure creates your business opportunities, and then work with you until you are successful. Knowing what’s important to technology companies is key. The production of value is the most important criterion of hiring and should be your most important search criteria.

Value is not salary in the Industry 4.0 World

Worth does not flow from a job title. Knowing what’s important to a company means looking beyond job titles and compensation tables, especially in today’s world where sudden changes and uncertainty are the norm. Knowing how to evaluate the worth of someone’s contribution is the important element. Being able to assess a candidate’s star performance capabilities defines the difference between average and extraordinary. PMI does just that.

There are two elements you need to consider:

  1. Understanding thoroughly what the value contribution is that you want.
  2. Understanding how you’ll know when you find it.

More than ever in our history, huge value is being leveraged from smart ideas – and the winning technology and business models they create. High-tech workers are on the edge of change, and they see better than anyone else how their worth measures up.

What's the VALUE you are looking for from an employee's contribution to your company? 

Especially for its senior positions, a high-tech company is rarely looking to fill in a box on a standard employee recruitment form. Usually, high-tech companies are looking for something more nebulous, and more important. You are looking for a senior person who can deliver a QUALITY, not a quantity. Instead of filling in a box, you are looking to explode out from an open ended, initiative-driven space.

Qualities are difficult to find, measure or test in an ordinary recruitment drive. And you don’t find those qualities by searching for specific salary levels — the qualities that make up the New Value Table are money-resistant.

the new value table

Perry-Martel can match the value you require, to the qualities of Industry 4.0 Leaders

We have developed a unique insight into value relationships because of our history with the people and companies that make the news, and because we have always concentrated on the relationships that clients and candidates form with each other.

We don’t just fill in a box on your organization chart — we create value chains between you and your senior staff. Knowing the nuts and bolts of the industry is not enough. We take the time to get to know the inner workings of your company: its products, people and culture.

Recruitment which helps build common  cause goes beyond skill sets and resumes. You want professionals who match their values to your value requirements. You should share a similar vision. Only then will there be a successful fit for you and your candidate — and your future growth prospects.

By providing the latest innovations in executive search and creating exclusive business models and processes, our Clients benefit from a faster, easier, and more reliable search process which brings them exactly what they desire … exceptional leadership in an Industry 4.0 World

The Bottom line recruiting industry 4.0 leaders

Perry-Martel International Inc. is a retained executive search consultancy with an innovative client-focused model optimized for speed, accountability, and quality. The Inside-Out Approach ensures you have a strategic partner that is invested in the successful and timely completion of your search and  can deliver an  Industry 4.0 Leader.

Perry-Martel International guarantees Extraordinary Executive Search. You may find more detailed information by browsing or calling 613-236-6995.


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