Hiring Greatness

How to Leverage the 3 Pillars of Recruitment and Candidate Engagement using The Inside-Out Approach Zoominfo Perry-Martel

You will look at candidate engagement and recruitment very differently after watching this webinar.

You will learn how to:

  • Find, engage & hire the very best talent – people who may not even be looking for a career change

  • Increase employee retention rates – Increase engagement while decreasing costs

  • Combine data & best prospecting strategies to reach key candidates, faster – Dramatically reduce the time to hire and maximize the quality of hire

  • Turn recruiting into a competitive advantage generator – Build your brand

  • Align your entire executive team – Recruiter proof your company

Refer to the sidebar on the right for more information on Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach.

Thanks are owed to ZoomInfo for hosting the webinar and in particular Caitlin Coen and James Hannosh from ZoomInfo.  

Perry-Martel: david perry