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Perry-Martel Executive Search News 

Why do people, organizations, or societies become more successful? What are the catalysts for positive change?  What does executive search look like from the inside out?  How will Industry 4.0 impact business? Leadership? Recruiting? Employees? Why? These are the types of issues the press typically call us to discuss.   The world’s best journalists interview Perry-Martel’s partners regularly.  Below is a selection of their articles.

Leadership For An Industry 4.0 World FMS Perspectives Magazine 

– The world is entering its fourth Industrial Revolution, often called Industry 4.0. While Western economies ruled the first three industrial revolutions, the economies that will dominate the 4.0 World have yet to be determined. With the future up for grabs, what will the differentiator be for winning organizations?

Your team has to look inward before it looks outward – OBJ

David Perry and Anita Martel may be in the head-hunting business, but the title of “executive recruiter” is a poor fit. “Management consultant” is a more accurate descriptor of the work they do at Perry-Martel International.

Building a Dream  TeamForward Magazine

– With the unemployment rate at its lowest level since the recession, financial institutions are feeling the hiring crunch.

11 Secrets for Hiring Top Candidates Most Search Firms Won’t Tell You – Inc.

– Hiring is never easy. Hiring for a key executive position is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do as a leader. “Most decisions a business makes are small.,” says David E. Perry, co-author of Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition and an expert with more than 30 years of experience who’s been dubbed “The Rogue Recruiter” in the press.

Forge Your Firm’s Way To The Top By Hiring With A StrategyInvestor’s Business Daily

– It’s not easy for a company to improve performance and culture with a single, solitary action. Hiring the right executive, however, can be that game changer. So says David Perry, who with Mark Haluska wrote “Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition.” Perry, a longtime recruiter of senior executives as managing partner of the professional search firm Perry-Martel International, adds that a bad hire could mortally wound an organization. “These days, no organization survives long without strong leadership,” he told IBD.

Snack Vendor — Under Cover Recruiter The Wall Street Journal

– It was a humid June morning on David Perry’s fourth day of masquerading as a snack-food vendor inside an industrial park. He had one day left on the canteen truck he’d rented for $500.  The executive recruiter, wearing a hairnet and an apron, finally got a customer to tell him what he needed to know: the identity of a technology guru a client had hired Mr. Perry to poach from a competitor.

How To Turn Millennial Dummies Into ExpertsForbes

– We are all born with talents. Turning talents into strengths requires investment in knowledge and skills. Books like Wiley’s “For Dummies” series contribute to theoretical knowledge.

Executive Talent Retention: How to Recruiter – Proof Your Company – Human Resources IQ

– After all the effort and expense an organization goes through to acquire and develop top talent, how do you ensure your Key Performers remain for the long run — that they don’t get raided or head for greener pastures? At Perry-Martel, we’ve learned what it takes to keep A-Players by talking to them.

Expert Guidance for Dummies: Executive RecruitingHuffington Post

– I met David Perry many years ago at a recruiting conference in Toronto. He was soft-spoken, insightful, and kind, so when I learned that his nickname, given to him by The Wall Street Journal, was the Rogue Recruiter – I was surprised.

A Hire Calling: How to Assemble an IT Dream Team – CIO Magazine

– When interviewing IT job candidates, why simply fill vacancies when you can bring on a dream team of well-rounded players? By assessing candidates for strengths that extend far beyond a simple command of job description-based tech skills, you’ll recruit employees who can make meaningful, lasting impact throughout your entire organization. In the book, Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition

“No Excuses for Failure” Drives Rogue Recruiter The Wall Street Journal

– The son of a retired Canadian Naval Commander, he says he was taught early on that “there’s no excuse for failure.” That grounding is what led him to become a commissioned officer in the Canadian Army Reserves despite being born with a serious heart condition. “I wanted to go into the military like my dad, so I signed my own medical papers,” he says. “They didn’t find that out until the night before they gave me the Sword of Honor.”

A recruiter’s dream team: HELP WANTED | Six select leaders that would be easy to place  – Chicago Sun-times

– Mergers, buyouts and takeovers are changing the face of business in Chicago and the nation — and in the CEO suite as well.  Those changes prompted some summer fantasies in the Business section. You’re an executive recruiter, and you get a phone call from a CEO who says he or she is ready to make a job change, and could you find a new position for him or her?

How to Work Effectively with an Executive Search Firm Ottawa Human Resource Professional Association

– There are 3 keys to maximize your results.

Inside the Tumultuous World of Executive RecruitingProfit Guide

– Perry sees his industry split into two camps: the quick and the dying. “The quick know it takes new brains and savvy,” he says. “And the dying are the search firms that have been doing things the same way for 20 years and have no interest in change.”

When the jobs are hidden – Fortune Magazine

– To get a job, you have to find the openings that no one’s advertising, and really impress your potential employer.

How to get a job – Fortune Magazine

– COVER STORY APRIL 2009: It’s brutal out there. But the people getting hired aren’t necessarily the most connected – they’re the most creative. From food diarists to Twitter stalkers to candidates tapping the “hidden” job market, here’s what’s working now.

Recruiternomics: The Face-off Over Facebook – Human Resources IQ

– More than ever in our history, huge value is being leveraged from smart ideas—and the winning technology and business models they create. The people who can deliver on them are becoming invaluable, and the methods of employing and managing them are being transformed.

5 Career Books You Must Read in 2016 –

– If you’re looking to build an amazing leadership team at your company, “Hiring Greatness” is the guide for you.

HR Influencer: David Perry –

– David Perry shapes the profession’s reputation by working outside of the established envelope. It would be nice if more folks focused on the industry’s external reputation.

The Guerrilla Fighters – Human Resource Executive

With aggressive but effective tactics, “guerrilla” recruiters can help companies secure top executives, but critics say such behavior can be unprofessional, hurt a client’s image and even harm recruitment of executives.

HR Wrestles the Guerrillas – Human Resource Executive

– This story accompanies The Guerrilla Fighters.

Outside the Box – New York Post

– To the jaded hacks at @work, it often seems there are as many job-search experts as actual people looking for jobs. While some of their counsel is terrific, it’s rare to find an expert whose advice is novel and tangible. So much career counseling tends to be one or the other — or neither.

It’s All About Who You Know — and Who They Know – Washington Post

– In job hunting, networking is the name of the game. And it’s also the name of the game at Facebook and LinkedIn, two of the most popular social-networking Web sites.

Job Hunt Makeover: How Far Should You Go? – ABC News

– David Perry, managing partner of Perry-Martel International Inc., a headhunting firm in Ottawa, Canada, agrees that a winning appearance is critical but warns that it won’t get you far if you don’t have the solid skills to back it up.

Extreme job hunt: Applicants ditch resumes for guerrilla tactics – Christian Science Monitor

– When traditional job-hunting methods fail, some are turning to the unconventional.

Learn how to jump-start your career – London Evening Standard

– He had read every book he could find about changing career, saved his money and finally drawn up a list of things he wanted to do. With this in hand, he resigned and began his long march away from Wall Street.To borrow a manufacturing term now widely used to describe career transformations, he set about “retooling” himself for the rest of his life.

How To Make Your Job Outsource-Proof – Forbes

– “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change,” Charles Darwin once wrote. In today’s global economy, when jobs can vanish down a fiber-optic cable to India before breakfast tomorrow, it’s not how strong or smart you are that matters. It’s how adaptable you are to change.

The Two Websites Every Job Seeker Needs to Join – CIO Magazine

– You probably know about one of these websites, but you may not know about the other. Neither is a job board.

Give Your Resume Sex Appeal – CIO Magazine

– Flamenco dancers are sexy. So are languid summer nights and first dates with a new crush. But résumés? Not so much. If you want your résumé to get you to first base with a potential employer, it has to push the all the right buttons.

ObjectTime grabs the best – Ottawa Citizen

– By snaring Rob Rose and Jean-Pierre Jauvin — two of the top sales and marketing executives at Cognos Inc. — in the past two weeks, Kanata-based ObjecTime Ltd. is giving the local technology industry a rare glimpse of unbridled ambition.

Globe & Mail

On the job hunt? Ditch the bunny suit
– Job seekers are resorting to extreme tactics to stand out. Pros evaluate memorable measures that hiring managers have seen.

No shame in self-promotion
Dawn Montgomery is a savvy saleswoman. Her product? Dawn Montgomery.

When skills aren’t a perfect fit

Buttondown firms want their MTV, too

Excerpt: “Your brand is your edge to stand out from the crowd”

  • Friday, July 10, 2009

Excerpt: “Handling rejection”

  • Friday July 17, 2009

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa’s Tech Edge: Lifestyle Less manic pace a powerful lure, says recruiting expert – Stop pushing salaries and stock options to lure high-tech talent to Ottawa. Try canoes. David Perry, a leading technology recruiter, says technology companies should jointly promote the less manic Ottawa lifestyle in major U.S. cities.

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