Perry-Martel International has never failed to complete a project. Never.  That’s why Perry-Martel can promise to find an exceptionally good hire for you – one who will stay with you – and back up the work with a 1-year guarantee.

How can Perry-Martel make an offer that no other executive search firm anywhere will match?

The answer is simple: results

Perry-Martel always deliver.

Perry-Martel always succeeds because back in the late 80’s when challenged by a client to “re-imagine” – aka Tom  Peters what the executive search and recruiting industry could be, should be, would be if the they put the focus precisely where it belonged — on your company’s needs today, and your potential tomorrow.

But exactly how are is Perry-Martel different?

First:  “it takes one to know one,” as the saying goes. Perry-Martel’s team know exactly what to look for, where to look, and how to persuade the most desirable prospects to be interested your firm.  Leadership searches are all Perry-Martel does.  Leaders, hiring leaders, in sales, marketing, and business development. {Seriously, read through David Perry’s profile. It’s full of awards and accomplishments for certain, but more importantly it’s steeped in acts of integrity and engagement which you just won’t find anywhere else in the recruiting industry.  And that’s just one of the reasons his books like: Hiring Greatness,  Executive Recruiting for Dummies and Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 have been so well received.}

Second: Perry-Martel’s first priority is to acquire a deep understanding of the organization, where it wants to go, and the hurdles it will have to clear to get there.  Then they map that business intelligence to the market. This is the foundation for successful recruiting.

Third: while other firms only look for who’s out there, Perry-Martel look for the best possible executive for your company.  If they find him or her working in another company, they will go to extraordinary lengths to convince them that they should work for your company instead.

The Inside-Out approach delivers a rigorous, comprehensive methodology which thoroughly defines an executive position’s technical and functional requirements, the skills and experience necessary for success, and the personality and behavioral traits which determine team chemistry and organizational fit.

Even if your company isn’t considering recruiting executive leadership, I strongly encourage you to call David or Anita at 1 (888) 432-3477 OR 613-236-6995 to learn more about how Perry-Martel can help your company more quickly achieve its potential.

{Their track record conducting executive search projects was one of the reasons John Wiley & Sons asked David specifically, to write two new books on recruiting and executive search; ‘Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition’ (John Wiley & Sons, 2016) and Executive Recruiting for Dummies’ (Dummies Press, 2017).}