• Recruit like a Shark

Recruit Like a Shark

ZoomInfo  is a cloud-based summarization search engine. Not a day goes by that we don’t use this tool to “zoom in” on senior executives, managers, and high-end individual contributors who might not be listed elsewhere, including on social networking sites.

As of September 2016, David has logged more than 4,200 sessions on the site!  ZoomInfo uses a summarization engine to track summaries of more than 140 million people from 12 million companies. These summaries include work history, education, and other key info, all compiled from multiple sources across the web.

It’s no surprise that ZoomInfo is a staple in the tool box of most direct marketers—and what is recruiting if not that?

Recruit Like a Shark reflects the best practices for executive recruiting unvailed in Hiring Greatness: How to  Recruit Your Dream  Team and Crush the Competition.


About the Author:

Nicknamed the 'Rogue Recruiter' by The Wall Street Journal, David teaches companies not only how to hire the right executives (and keep them), but also candidates, on how to make business decisions that will shape their careers. This plurality of headhunter, author, and coach delivers, a balanced perspective which leads to longer tenure because of better fit. Download the Inside-Out Approach™ and learn how to turn the executive search and recruitment process into an engine for building competitive advantage. http://bit.ly/2ihgItK

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