Perry-Martel Recruitment Public Speaking Engagements

They Combine Education, Entertainment and Engagement

Keynote Speakers?

I don’t think so… Keynote Speaker doesn’t begin to adequately describe this dynamic duo.   

Edutainers is a more accurate description – because that’s what they do: educate and entertain. Their lessons are burned into your audience’s psyche so they’re ready to use immediately.   They speak with conviction and authority from personal experience on the front-lines of executive search, where recruiting the right leader can turn around a company’s fortunes and make it soar.

David and Anita will tailor your presentation to thrill your audience.  They seamlessly blend education with entertainment creating memorable messages that ‘stick’ long  after your attendees have returned to work.   Their blend of practical “how-to” examples swathed in case studies and seasoned with humor, will leave your audience well motivated, equipped for the challenges ahead and looking forward to your next event.  

Anita and David are “repeat presenters” because their keynote presentations always add value to attendees’ personal and professional life.  Yin to his yang, Anita prompts and cajoles Dave live on stage to bring out every golden nugget for the audience.  Tens of thousands of people have experienced the wit and wisdom of Dave and Anita’s live presentations.

Let David and Anita Transform Not Only Your Event, But Your Audience’ s Experience Too

Help Your Audience See Things in a Way They Have Never Seen Them Before​

“92.6% of attendees at our last ten events would recommend us to a friend and attend again”

For Employers & Business Associations

Presentations can run from an hour for a keynote to three hours for a half-day program. Longer programs can be arranged if booked two months in advance.  Please contact us at 613-236-6995 ext. 114 for bookings. 

Authors and Thought Leaders…

Accomplished executive recruiters, and authors  they have written on leadership and recruiting for several publications including:  The Wall Street JournalGlobe & Mail, Chicago Sun Times and Forbes and every major television network in North America.   The Wall Street Journal nicknamed David the “The Rogue Recruiter”.  A veteran of more than 1000 recruiting and search projects, David has a sharp eye for the “right-stuff”, having negotiated more than $380M in salaries since 1986.

The newly released books, Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition” is Jim Collin’s “Good to Great” meets Sun Tzu’s, “The  Art of War, while “Executive Recruiting for Dummies”, is a pragmatic guide to best practices in executive search and recruiting.  

As co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0, David wrote the definitive book on job hunting in the digital age by reverse engineering the innovate hiring practices which underscore the success of Perry-Martel.  Books are  available in English, Vietnamese, Hungarian, French and Chinese.

ottawa recruiter david perry

Reviews From Organizers and Participants

“Be careful who you take advice from…” That’s what David Perry told us at the Great People Inside Conference in October 2016, Romania. As he mentioned that us, Romanians, know what a perfect 10 looks like – referring to Nadia Comaneci’s performance at the Olympic games- there is no doubt that we have made the right choice by inviting him to share his experience and insight on how to make the best hiring decisions. So David Perry’s speech is, actually, a perfect 10, and we have many reasons to say that: one would be that 100% of our international audience of around 360 HR Managers, entrepreneurs and executive recruiters rated his speech as excellent, since not only the message and the data he provided us with were top level, but also his engaging and charismatic delivery kept us locked in our seats for 38 minutes. Once you meet David and take advantage of his knowledge, you’ll easily be on the best way to implement his own words: Ready! Aim! Hire!”

“David Perry and Anita Martel presented Job Search Secrets Revealed! at Southwestern Virginia Training Center in February 2018. I have to say it was amazing working with them to set up the event. They were both incredibly professional and personable. During the event itself, they provided so much useful information to our staff that I feel confident that all those who attended now have the resources they need to help them land their next job. Staff have been reaching out to me to comment on how much they enjoyed listening to David and Anita and how helpful the information they received was:

Stacy Hawks, Direct Support Professional, “In my opinion, I found it to be extremely helpful and informative, it also doesn’t hurt that the entire audience was laughing several times during the presentation.”

Barbara Edwards, Community Integration Clinician, “It was an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Eddie Alford, Risk Manager “I agree. Tools for the tool box.”

April Alford, Human Resources Consultant, “Please relay to David and Anita how appreciative we are for them coming all of the way down here to share their knowledge and experiences with us.”

The presentation was incredibly informative and watching the dynamic between David and Anita made it fun as well. These are two speakers that I would watch again and again. Thank you both so much for everything.”

“I have known David, professionally, for over 20 years and have used his services to recruit a CEO for a company that I was a partner in. As well, I have had the pleasure, on multiple occasions, of listening to David present. So, why should one attend one of David’s talks? Yes, he is a great presenter and yes, he will entertain you, but this not why you will want to listen to him. David has undertaken over a 1000 separate recruiting projects and what he has learned is transforming how organizations are approaching the recruitment of Tier 1 Executives. Simple put, David regularly achieves the seemingly impossible. David has recruited executives that others have said would be impossible to recruit. The good news is that what he does is not magic, although at times it has seemed like that. David’s approach to recruiting can be learned. The even better news is that he is intent on sharing his methods and practices. So my advice is that when the opportunity presents itself to attend one of David’s talks – run, do not walk to the event.”

"Hi David. You were truly a joy to work with – I don’t think I can remember ever having a speaker as well prepared as you. You made my job easy, which is very appreciated. One comment that I heard afterwards was that although you had a lot of slides and content, your talk and stories made it all hang together very nicely, which made you informative and interesting to listen to. And my personal take away is that next time when applying for a position I get asked to create a presentation, I should pick up the phone and start reaching out to everyone I know at the hiring company, rather than spending so many hours creating the actual presentation! So thanks for that! ;-) “

“No master gets there without the work and time required to achieve that status. Few partnerships yield the results and opportunities that come close to what you can learn from Perry-Martel. There are not two people I admire more in the field of executive recruiting than David Perry and Anita Martel. Their willingness to share their expertise and “what consistently works’ is not only fresh and unique, but they feel it is their mission and responsibility. Getting it right, doing it right deserves the respect and acclaim they have earned. Why would you ever miss the chance to learn from the best? Their exactness in presentation is spell-binding and above expectations, in that you leave those moment of education with an expanded understanding of your value and responsibility as a HR  or talent acquisition specialist / practitioner. If you have the chance to hire or see David and Anita present, do it.”

David, just a short note to thank you for your highly entertaining and engaging presentation. Our members really appreciated the “insider” view to the recruiting game, and I am sure took away many key learning points -I know I did “hire on qualifications fire on fit” was one phrase that certainly resonated with me. I hope you got something from the meeting too- and if you have any suggestions for improvement and or ways in which we can spread the word they would be most welcome. So once again many thanks for your commitment to OPMA and I look forward to welcoming you to a future event.

“David is the recruiting industries renaissance man. Bright, articulate and a industry leader who is a brilliant author and a recruiting icon. David is also a top tier recruiter who is a consummate professional and an achiever. He approaches both life and the recruitment process with integrity, knowledge and a can do attitude.”​