Those of us who are involved daily in the management of a business know that every investment must be measured by the returns it produces for all the stakeholders in a business.  Too often managers view the acquisition of staff as a simple process of expansion. In fact, the acquisition of key players is an investment like any other which should have a demonstrative ROI which clearly justifies the effort and cost involved.

Here at Perry-Martel, we’ve been able to work with our clients and show incredible returns to shareholders when we characterize, identify, and hire the right individual together.

A very clear example of this was a client which tripled its market valuation in 14 months once the appropriate leadership was in place in key positions in the organization.  Before adding these new players, there was a strong management team that simply did not have ALL the skills and experience required to successfully achieve an exist through acquisition.  Perry-Martel recruited the talent the business needed to grow partnerships, launch new products , and re-position the company.

Return On Investment: results were outstanding

For talent acquisition costs of less than $250,000 {multiple hires], the investors saw a return of over $45 million in divestiture proceeds.  That’s a 180:1 ratio of return to investment. — Steve Panyko, CML  Emergency Services

With our help, other businesses across North America have increased annual sales by factors of anywhere between 3 and 5 times.  The resulting profit increases were even larger on a percentage basis and in several examples, swung dramatically from loss to respectable profit.  The key was the addition of vital sales talent and leadership.

Other example outcomes from executives recruited include:

✯ Ignited 700% growth and ever increasing earnings, drove stock from $3.90 to a peak of $68
✯ Grew sales from $8M to $77M in 6 years with 29%+  EBITDA, exited with 3x multiple
✯ Took last place company to 1st AND an exited in less than 10 months
✯ Sales jumped 497% in 1st 15 months, delivered >30% CAGR year over year for 5 years
✯ Resuscitated company with a share price of $0.69 to a high of $7.10, repositioned it, acquired

To achieve these kind of results you need to work with a search firm who understands your organizational structure creates your business opportunities, and then work with you until you are successful.

At Perry-Martel, we don’t just fill in a box on your organization chart — we create ‘value chains’  between you and your senior staff which will positively impact both your line growth and your bottom line profit.

That’s how you get a Return On Investment for your executive search.

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