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The goal in an executive search isn’t to find the best talent currently looking for work, or at least it shouldn’t be.  What it should be: finding the best talent period.  In order to reach the level of precision clients talk about, our first priority is to acquire a deep understanding of your  organisation, where it wants to go and the hurdles it will have to clear to get there.  Once we have the narrative for the engagement story, only then do we go to the marketplace to find your executive.  

David Perry is a world-class executive recruiter. He is a brilliant man, dedicated to his profession and to the success of his clients. He understands leadership and he is able to use this understanding to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Ron Wiens, TotemHill

David Perry has raised the bar on how executive search should be carried out – responsive, decisive and relentless in aiding CATA Alliance companies to make a quantum leap in building their leadership teams.

John Reid - CEO, CATAAlliance

I can offer the reader my unequivocal recommendation of Perry-Martel International and of David personally. He delivered, delivered and over delivered in my opinion and remains even today a trustworthy advisor.

Pat McConnell - President , Vexcel - acquired by Microsoft

David … always showed tremendous professionalism and poise in his ability to continue on what he knew was a tried and proven method that he knew would yield the right result.

Jordan Sweeney - Search Chair, AECOM

We have been so successful with his searches that David became the exclusive recruiter for Simware/NetManage. Before Simware’s acquisition by NetManage, Perry-Martel International filled all the key executive positions including the President, Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, VP of Professional Services and VP of Marketing.

Kevin Watson - Director of Engineeerng, Simware

David is a innovative thinker who provides you value beyond your expectations. He is creative, smart and practical!

Millan Topolyvick - CEO, TK Group

Senior level searches are never easy but the effort and energy we invested in the search has been repaid in full.

Bill Breen - CEO, Simware

David completely redefines what your expectations of a recruiter should be. He helped me assess the skills I needed, coordinated the hiring plan cross functionally and finally presented outstanding candidates that accelerated my plans and reduced my hiring needs from 7 down to 4. Those new candidates then helped me accomplish in 18 months what was scheduled to be done in 36. If you are looking for talent management for your organization – you should begin with David.

Allan Zander - CEO, Data Kinetics

One of the things that David does that other recruiters just don’t, is actually listens to your requirements as an employer – who you’re looking for, what the qualities and qualifications are. He tries to quantify and understand the ideal candidate. Most recruiters don’t do that. They take a bunch of notes, promise you they’ve got lots of people in their database that fit the description and then deluge you with resumes of candidates that don’t fit the bill.

Rudy Richman - VP Sales, Protus - IP

David has boundless energy and displays a commitment to projects that borders on obsession. He establishes a strong and almost uncanny understanding of the companies he works with and balances the empathetic (and frequently competitive) relationships that are crucial to the success of his projects. He is innovative and highly creative. But most importantly, David consistently displays a level of integrity far beyond the standard in his industry.

Stephen Munro - CSO

Execution and commitment are absolutely essential to any strategy or initiative in an era too full of plans, process and procrastination. You may have a technology which gives you an edge, but your people determine whether you win. David gets that. He delivered only the best.

Joseph Nour - CEO & Founder, Protus-IP

As a past client of Perry-Martel, I appreciated David’s superior, professional approach to sourcing senior executives in a complex/competitive hiring environment. David’s organization was the executive search firm that really worked to understand all facets of the recruitment project from a corporate needs, culture, candidate experience and total relevance perspective. He delivered on all fronts.

Richard Crutchlow - Vice President Sales, Simware

The thing that struck us the most, and the predominant reason why we chose David was that David listened, but he also gave us ideas… There was an interesting comfort feel. As it turned out, what we couldn’t do in nine months, David did in under three.

Stanley Janus - Director Human Resources, Halogen Software

If you fast forward, we roughly tripled the valuation of the business. The valuation was in the 20s of millions of dollars when I got there, and the business sold for about $70 million.  We did this in 14 months.

Steve Panyko - CEO , CML Emergency Services
David breaks the mold. You tell him what you need, he assesses your business, then shows you the actual profile of the person you need to align with your objectives. If I simply wanted to find a warm body, I wouldn’t waste David’s time. He understands the process, the objectives, and that I’m paying him for his business acumen as well as for his dynamic skills. David had published many books. He is an incredible adviser and trusted business partner.
Darryl Praill - CMO, CML Emergency Services

Our new CFO is working out wonderfully – he is everything we wanted and the fact that you were able to connect him to us so quickly was very much appreciated.

Lynda Partner - CEO, GotMarketing Ltd.

David Perry brings to the assignment an intensity that rarely comes across in recruiting, or frankly anywhere else.He took an extreme personal interest in the success of the search.

Eric Golden - CEO, Equipois

He nailed it right on. I think what the biggest thing was, is because we had that conversation beforehand, he asked some hard questions, he had a real good idea as to what type of fit we were looking for, what type of person we needed. When he brought forward the candidates, like I said, there was no doubt that either one of the first four would have been a good fit.

Sheryl Blackburn - Vice Chair , Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

… have found PMI to be totally professional, discrete and above all else extremely tenacious. It is the commitment and never-give-up attitude that you bring to your profession that, I think, distinguishes your firm from the pack.

Brian Clark - CEO, HST Information Systems

One of David’s most noticeable attributes is his passion around spending the time and effort needed to find the best people for the role and the best fit. He is very knowledgeable in the executive search field, always well prepared, and connects with his clients to understand the organization and the culture.

Justin Ferrabee - Chief Operating Officer, Payments Canada

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