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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Recruiter

Did you know that employee turnover can cost you $41,000 per year? If you want to minimize those costs, you should consider hiring a professional recruiter.

That way, you don’t have to worry as much about hiring the wrong person. The right candidate is particularly crucial when filling an executive role.

Read on to learn about how using a recruiter can benefit your business.

Their Job

When you hire a professional recruiter, you’re hiring someone whose main responsibility is pairing candidates with companies. If you try to hire people, you’ll have to split your focus.

You’ll still have to handle your regular responsibilities, but you’ll have more on your plate. On the other hand, a recruiter gets to do the same thing all day.

Because of that, they probably also enjoy the process of finding executives to connect with businesses. Enjoying the process is vital because it can take a while to find the ideal person for the job.

Sure, recruiters will have bad days, and some may not enjoy the profession as much as others. However, it’s still something they spend all day doing.

Larger Network

Since a recruiter finds candidates all day, they may have access to a larger network. For example, they may have a massive roster of clients who’ve used them to get a job in the past.

The recruiter may be able to contact former candidates and tell them about your opening. Even if they don’t have contacts that would be a good fit, they have the networking skills and experience to find people.

And because it’s their job to recruit candidates, they can justify spending more of their time networking. That can benefit you if they meet people that wouldn’t otherwise learn about your company.

Broad Perspective

Recruiters also have more experience going through the hiring process. They’ve done it more regularly, and they may have done it more recently than you have.

That experience can help them spot problems in potential candidates. They can weed out the candidates who they don’t think would be an ideal fit for your company.

When they send candidates to you, you can trust that those individuals should be good executives. There may not always be a guarantee, but you can get more eyes on the applicants before you hire someone.

That way, you can make sure not to hire someone who could put your company at risk.

Proven Process

A professional recruiter will almost always have a process they follow for finding and vetting candidates. They know what to say when they first meet a client to how to help people get their dream jobs.

Similarly, a good recruiter will also have a process for working with you and your company. They might have a list of questions to ask to help determine what you’re looking for in new executives.

The recruiter will use that information when meeting with job seekers. If they find that someone seems to be a good fit, they can pass along the candidate’s information to you, or they can eliminate people from your application pool.

Independent Work

Recruiters are usually independent, and many are self-employed. That means they can ask more questions of both companies and job seekers to help make the best match.

The recruiter can ask candidates about salary requirements and other factors. Then, they can eliminate the candidates whose requirements don’t meet yours.

A recruiter also won’t have your company name attached to them. You won’t have to rely on people knowing your company name to get qualified applicants.

Incentive to Succeed

Odds are, this won’t be the last time you’ll want to hire executives. Because of that, the recruiter has the incentive to do a good job and find the best employee for your business.

They most likely want you to hire them in the future whenever you need to fill a new role. If they can help you find the ideal candidate this time around, you’ll probably want to work with them again.

On the other hand, if they send you the first few candidates they think of, you might not find a good employee. In that case, you won’t want to hire them, and that can hurt all parties.

Even if the recruiter isn’t your employee, they know that they need to do the best for you to maintain a relationship for future hiring rounds.


You may have to pay, but hiring a professional recruiter can be more cost-effective than not. A recruiter will usually charge a percentage of the employee’s salary for the first year.

Of course, with executives, that number can be expensive. However, employee turnover can also cost your business a lot of money, especially if it happens frequently.

Turnover can cost over 50% of an employee’s salary, but recruiters may only charge 15 to 25%.

That can make it well worth it to pay the recruiter’s fee for help hiring the ideal candidate. You may not have to worry about turnover, so you could save a lot of money after a while.

Save Time

Working with a professional recruiter can help you save time in a few ways. First, you can continue to handle other daily tasks based on your role in your business.

You don’t have to dedicate multiple hours a day or week to advertising your job or reviewing applications. Instead, you’ll only need to compare a few applications that the recruiter sends to you.

Because of that, you can also save time conducting interviews. You’ll only have to interview a few candidates, and you may know much sooner if someone is or isn’t a good fit.

Hire a Professional Recruiter Today

If you’re looking to hire an executive, you should work with a professional recruiter. They have a larger network, which can help get more interest from candidates.

However, the recruiter can also vet candidates to help you save time in the interview process. That way, you can spend more time running your company and handling other issues.

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