Recruitment Marketing

How much better off would you be if you knew up-front that every candidate you interviewed was worth your time and effort?  How valuable would it be for you to have a tool at your disposal at tool that could guarantee that Tier-1 candidates would never slip through your fingers again? Those are just two of the many benefits of using a Confidential Candidate Brief TM (CCB). 

Using a Confidential Candidate Brief TM in your recruitment process removes the time-consuming hurdle of resume perpetration.  It allows a prospective candidate to surface the experience most relevant to the role you are recruiting for.  It allows them to screen themselves in quickly and efficiently because as we know most people would rather have a wisdom tooth removed than write a resume – and 985 of employed executives turn recruiters down for that reason.  Enabling  prospects to see themselves in the role reverses the traditional buyer/seller personas in the employer’s favor.

We developed the Confidential Candidate Brief TM in 2002 and it has been in use by all of our corporate clients ever since. In fact, our clients won’t talk to a candidate without a CCB.  You won’t either once you have tried it.  We can show you how to create a Confidential Candidate Brief TM on your own or you can engage us to do it for you.  Combine that with an Interview Guide and your time will always be spent talking to the right prospects for your opportunity.