Executive Search is a Journey. You’ll Want an Expert Guide

Our executive search process brings the best executive talent to both mature and emerging companies in an efficient and effective manner. We have become experts over the past 30 years in growing companies by providing those key executives that give our clients an edge over their competition. This allows our clients to attract the investors, Board members and the executive team essential for the company’s growth and success.

Some journeys are more meaningful than others. Recruiting a senior executive is one of them. Indeed, there are few initiatives as strategically challenging, as demanding on management, and as fundamentally disruptive to normal operations as a leadership search — which is precisely why it’s Perry-Martel’s job to be your guide. We make the success of your executive search our singular focus. 

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A successful executive search is the only initiative that can completely move a group of people to the next level, to a place where they can realize their potential. A leadership search is much more than renewal or reorganization. When done right, it isn’t just valuable — it’s critical.

At Perry-Martel, we’re experts in executive search and recruiting. We know what’s required of leaders and how to support them, which of your structures need to be updated, and how to do it. How corporate culture must be refreshed, and how to enable that change. Most importantly, we know these elements must be balanced within a talent strategy that grounds the entire process.

Every search is a journey. Without a map, it’s very easy to get lost on the way. Tell us where you want to go, and we’ll draw you the map and show you the way.

Executive Search as a Catalyst for Success and Growth

Whether we are working with start-ups or mature organizations, Perry-Martel enters as a catalyst for success.  Since 1988, we have worked with hundreds of companies and just as importantly, peeked behind the scenes at hundreds of thousands of others.

The focus of our engagements for the last 10 years have been at the top level: chief executive officers, chief operating officers, vice presidents and directors of: sales, finance, engineering, product management, IT, and marketing.

We formed Perry-Martel in October 1988 as a management consulting firm that would specialize in executive search. This means, specifically, that while the principle focus of the firm is executive search and executive selection, we can counsel and advise you on succession planning, organizational design, and strategy – before, after or during the executive search process.

For more on the Inside-Out Approach, our executive search process, follow this link.

Perry-Martel Inside-Out Approach