Interview Guides

No credible senior executive would ever tolerate a generic, “So, tell me about yourself” question from an interviewer.  They expect you to have done your homework. Nine times out of ten, you need the candidate way more than the candidate needs you.  After all, she probably already has a job — and one she likes.  

Interview Guide – where it fits

That’s why the Interview Guide is so important!  That’s why you write an interview guide: to usher you through the interview stage. Prospects form impressions of the company with each interaction — especially interviews. One misstep could sour a prospect on the opportunity.   Time spent creating an Interview Guide upfront will save you money throughout the process.  It could also prevent embarrassment with a high-value prospect.  Perry-Martel can help you put the organizations best foot forward by creating a complete Interview Guide for you and your search committee to use.