Passive Candidate Research + Outreach

Candidate research

Discussing research sources before a search kick-off

Chances are good that your in-house HR/Recruiting team will not pick up the phone and make a cold call to a terrific employed ‘passive candidate’ if their job depended on it – and it just might.   That wasn’t intended to be a slight.    Recruiting ‘passive candidates’, is not what they’re trained to do and even if they had the training they probably wouldn’t have the bandwidth to make those calls.  Tortuous interference is a fine line best left to executive search professionals to  circumnavigate. 

Our Passive Candidate Research & Outreach Service, is available hourly or per diem.   The “Perry-Martel” research team will target organizations that will have the passive qualified professionals who would be a match for your open positions. This is a custom-made passive candidate outreach program which will reach more qualified candidates and create more direct interest than any third-party sourcing firm, or even LinkedIn can produce.

After the research is completed, only if you wish, we can also present your opportunity to these qualified professionals, generate interest levels, develop candidates and forward their résumés with salary information to you.  Alternatively you can then roll it in to a full fledged executive search project. Prospective clients have found this an ideal way to test us out.  If, after reading the case studies and media interviews, or you just like to be prudent, this may be your best first step. Cost is based on the level required intensity.