Strategic HR and Organizational Planning

How to prepare for a successful future  

Almost one-half of startups fail in the very first year of beginning operations – sad but true.  This happens for many different reasons, and not having a proper HR strategy is one of them.  Entrepreneurs often think that HR is something big companies, and conglomerates focus on, but that is far from true. HR management is critical for all types of businesses – be it SMEs, startups or corporations.

Key Challenges of HR in SMEs and Startups

Paying attention to HR in small businesses and startups is not that common which is why HR managers face certain key challenges in trying to make entrepreneurs see how Human Resource Management can help take their business to new heights.

According to a study conducted by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), here are some of the challenges that HR managers are most likely to face within a span of 10 years.

  • 59% feel that retaining and rewarding top employees is a major issue
  • 52% think that developing the next generation of leaders is a tough challenge and lastly, 
  • 36% feel that creating a work-friendly culture attracts the best and the most talented employees

A lot can be done, very inexpensively, to counteract the problems mentioned. 

Over the last 30 years, Anita and David have examined the inner workings of tens of thousands of companies in North America and Europe, giving keynote talks on everything from Hiring Greatness and psychometric testing, to organizational design for an Industry 4.0 World.