Succession Planning: A Process Driven Approach

Succession Planning is not only critical to maintain the confidence of investors, business partners, and customers but also in keeping your best employees.  Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach delivers the best Tier-1 executive talent in an effective and efficient manner, allowing you to attract the investors, the board members and the executive team essential for your company’s growth and success. 

Carl Albert, who wrote the Foreword for,  “Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition”, explained it this way

… critical internal corporate review requires cold objectivity and a keen appreciation of the collective capabilities – and deficiencies – of the Executive team. It also requires an understanding of the current and future skills the CEO will require to lead the company through the next business cycle.  

It has been my experience that an Executive Recruiter can add insightful guidance, brutal candor and energetic passion to assist the Board in broadening its perspective, refining its objectives and successfully attracting outstanding C-Level talent.

When you can follow a thoughtful process to move the company forward and select a new leader, you benefit everyone involved and the upfront planning and assessment will help you more readily attract the right successor.  In our experience,  companies who have made leadership succession planning a priority, enjoy a healthier EBIDA.

Perry-Martel works with CEOs, Search Committees, and their Boards to conduct multifaceted assessments of internal candidates and then benchmark them against external prospects to ensure the best possible executive hire is made.

Perry-Martel Inside-Out Approach

The goal in an executive search isn’t to find the best talent currently looking for work, or at least it shouldn’t be. What it should be: finding the best talent, period. And herein lies the recruiting  challenge: the best talent isn’t looking for work. They already have jobs – good jobs.

The best candidates will come to an organization  not to make more money but because of what the organization stands for and what it’s trying to achieve. It’s personal. To attract the best one must first engage…