Value-Based  Sourcing

Perry-Martel has dramatically re-defined and strengthened the executive recruiting process through our development of Value-Based Sourcing (VBS).

VBS originates in the application of the Inside-Out Approach’s strategic intelligence tools and techniques to the sourcing of executive talent across the technology, construction  and real estate development  industries.

Unlike any other sector – marketing hyperbole aside – the executive search industry has not evolved its fundamental philosophical and  technical approach in nearly 50 years.

In the meantime, the world has changed dramatically around it. Leadership talent has become vastly more difficult to source. Market uncertainty is rising. Competition has become increasingly fierce, irrespective of either sector or market focus.

Structurally, our post-COVID economic environment is characterized by vastly increased global connectivity, growing interconnectedness of both individuals and talent, significantly expanded flows of information, as well as  dramatic increases in the range and capabilities of technology.

Talent markets are ultra sophisticated, effectively transcending geographic borders and organizational boundaries.

Demographic shifts as a result of the wave of baby boom retirements profoundly impact the ability of organizations to bring in key people. The so-called ‘war for talent’ is mostly hype, but the increased difficulty of sourcing is the increasing day-to-day reality for the vast majority of organizations.

In the context of this dramatic change, the lack of evolution in the technical methodology of search over the last fifty years is alarming. Each of the factors outlined above contributes to the growing need for new systems, new methodologies, and new ways of doing things. In our view, stagnancy is simply unsupportable.

Perry-Martel has been at the forefront in pioneering Value-Based Sourcing as a result of the failure of traditional title driven recruitment to meet difficult situations that many of the organizations we dealt with were encountering. The essence of what we do lies in our ability to amass advance intelligence in ways other firms cannot.

The methodology of Inside-Out Approach is intricate and has been  written about in two books: Executive Recruiting for Dummies (Dummies Press) and Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition (WILEY).

Our results speak for themselves. We Deliver in the most difficult situations.  No Excuses.  Guaranteed.