My name is Dave Perry, and I’m passionate about my craft. I believe in high technology, and I serve its needs devotedly, for a very personal reason. I literally would not be here today if it weren’t for high technology. Perhaps you have heard a similar story.

When I was born, it was discovered that I had a hole in my heart. Thanks to breakthroughs in medical procedures and materials sciences — discoveries that had only been made a few years earlier — my life was saved – as was my newborn daughter’s just a few years ago because of newer breakthroughs.

I still have a teflon valve in my heart, and each day is a confirmation of the meaning of high technology. So to me, your high-tech business is a personal crusade.

I know that recruiting the top people in the world is getting harder and harder. The excellent people that I demand for clients like yourself are already gainfully employed. I will work intensively with you. To pinpoint the value that you seek. Then, it takes real talent, tenacity and dogged determination to find and call these people. It takes an extraordinary message to get them to pay attention to your career offering. To lure them away takes even longer.

A typical highly-sought candidate that I recruited for a software firm that wanted to go public, took 83 phone calls to close. Most search firms would have quit after a few weeks. I called and called for six months. Re-packaging our Client’s “pitch” until I struck a cord. The Candidate said it was my passionate belief in this Client that convinced him to first talk to us. From there we just managed the relationship. The new President increased their stock value 1384%.

I owe my clients the best that effort can provide and I make that effort. As does all our staff.  Evangelists are good for your business.  Understanding as candidate’s WHY is essential to great recruiting and interviewing, so it should be with hiring an executive search consultant.  Now you have a clearer picture of my personal WHY.

Perry-Martel International has a century of experience and a long list of satisfied clients to back up our statements.  Call 613-236-6995 for more information.

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